Wednesday, December 30, 2015

In the Cracks of the Pavement

Update on my last post:

Yesterday, I defeatedly I told you how I lost all of the jewelry that means everything to me in one fell swoop of the wind.

Well today I have very, very, very good news. I honestly feel like the luckiest person in the world.

I should have listened to what Cam's dad's said:

"If you lost it helping someone, karma will bring good back to you. Just wait."

(I was surprised he said this...I'd never expect Cam's dad to say something like that.)'s how everything unfolded:

When I got to work yesterday I had to wait for our executive assistant to come in before I could do much (aside from talking to the security people about losing my jewelry). When she got here I asked who I should email to contact facilities and/or HR, and she gave me some names and I sent off an email detailing where I'd lost it, and it was immediately forwarded to facilities. I followed it up by sending them a description of everything I'd lost.

Around the same time, my friend Jen sent out a blast to most of the people she knows (and she knows a lot of people) asking them to keep their eyes peeled as well. She told me she started getting responses right away and said "I've gotten a bunch of replies from people that are so sad for you and will definitely be looking for your jewelry."

I also told quite a few people on my floor (making sure to tell the smokers - the ones who always talk about the weather! - since I know they go out there and walk around while they smoke).

I want to say this about the people I work with...from the first email to people stopping to help us look outside, everyone was caring and empathetic when I told them what happened and what I was looking for. Pretty much every single person said they would look or keep an eye out for anything.

Just over an hour went by and I got a call from security that one of my rings had been found. A coworker walked down with me to pick it up (it was the one I'd bought in Idaho), and after they told us where it was found we figured we should go out and look for more.

I mentioned in my last post that the snow was awful and heavy. And it was the kind of snow that turns into a slushy, icy sheet as soon as it falls, and then just hardens into icy chunks. But Marisela (my coworker) and I bundled up and went out and started looking anyways!

Half an hour went by with no luck. We didn't find anything. I was about to call it and tell her we could go inside when she looked down and said, " this one of them?" and held up one of the earrings my friend Dan had given me for my birthday. Then she bent down again and said, "Oh look, there's something else!" and pulled the necklace Cam gave me last year for our one year anniversary...out from a crack in the sidewalk.

I couldn't believe it, squealed, and rushed over. And we immediately reignited our search, looking in all the pavement cracks. Within another few minutes I found one of the earrings Cam gave me this year, and my heart almost exploded.

A few minutes later I found the necklace Jennie gave me for my birthday (which is a little beat up, but I think I can make it look pretty sweet again).

And then we kind of came to a halt. We kept looking, but another 20 minutes went by and we didn't find anything.

Then the guy who found my first ring showed up and told us where he found it (just a little too close to a storm drain for my comfort :/) and we decided to go look over there. As we stepped onto the black top of the parking lot Marisela said, "Is that...I think that's your other earring!" and lo and behold...she picked up the other earring Cam had given me. And all I could do was hug her.

I could not believe it. Against ALL oddes, we'd found two necklaces, and one and a half pairs of earrings. Despite shoveled snow, slush, and amongst the salt they'd put down on the sidewalk. And aside from a few small scratches in my ring and some damage to the pendant on Jennie's necklace, nothing was damaged.

How's that for lucky?

AND THEN (because there's more) my friend Jen said she would go out and look with me for a bit as well. So I eat lunch and we go back out, and at one point I'm kicking at some ice and it flips over...and my turtle ring is poking out from the bottom. Another small scratch on it, but nothing awful. Again. Disbelief.

And that brings us to now.

I am still missing the ring Hannah gave me, one of the earrings from Dan, and my PrideZ pin. I have no reason to be upset, and at this point all I really want back is Hannah's ring. I'm fairly certain it's in the snow pile where we found my second earring and both of my rings...but it's snow, and we'll have to wait for it to melt (which isn't happening any time soon).

So now we play a waiting game. I cannot believe my luck though, and I feel as though I'll find the other things if I'm meant to.

That'll teach me a thing or two about being optimistic!

And also - about the kindness of other people. A huge thank you to every person who helped me raised my spirits, and I saw nothing but good in all of you.


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