Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Caution: Risk of Death

Also Caution: Totally Random Thought Post coming.

Does anyone else read the Harvard Health Blog?

I ask because the other day they posted something that I thought was phrased hilariously:

'as little as 15 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise - and only 8 minutes a day of vigorous-intensity exercise - reduced the risk of death.'

Even better news for us active folk - every additional 15 minutes of moderate exercise reduces our 'risk of death' by an additional 4 percent!

Well wouldn't you know. It's like Tuck Everlasting up in hurr!

I realize they probably meant something like, 'reduces the risk of premature death', but they chose to phrase it really, really poorly.

C'mon Harvard. You can do better than that! You're Harvard!

On an entirely different note:

There's a lot of test anxiety happening in this neck of the woods right now. Cam and I are both having mild (at times more than mild) breakdowns about all the studying and tests, and the lack of time that exists for the former.

Never mind the nerves I'm starting to pick up regarding my test tomorrow - the thing I really want over is Cam's final. When that test is over I will breathe a sigh of relief knowing he won't be so antsy and anxious all the time.

On my side, I have made it 100% of the way through all of my study materials, and have crashed into the practice exams and will be conducting my final review tonight.

Woooo this means absolutely nothing!!

Nothing quite like procrastination! I have a more-than-decent handle on over half of the material, but I'm still struggling with a few chapters of the book. Hopefully this final review really pushes things home for me.

And I wouldn't be me if I didn't say the following: I am ready for this test to be over and already planning the next!

The test I'm taking tomorrow is CPCU 520, Insurance Operations. I've actually been doing a lot of forum perusing on the CPCU site, and I think I'm going to skip 530 (Business Law for Insurance Professionals) for now and go straight to 540 (Finance and Accounting for Insurance Professionals).

It's supposed to be one of the hardest CPCU exams, and I think it would be better for me to study for it now - in the winter - than in the spring/summer when I'll be training for the Oly. It's supposed to be a lot of equation memorization and math, which have been my weak points on these first two tests, so I'd like to be able to take a little more time and study more intensely for it. I think I'll also ask my manager if I can order extra study materials for it (they cost $125...I'm willing to spend it myself since the test registration is $300 which I have to pay if I need to retake it...I'd just rather ask her first. corporate expenses, ya'll).

If I do the tests 'out of order', I can skip the first testing window of 2016 and prepare to take 540 at the beginning of the second window (April-June). I'd really like to take 3 exams in 2016, so hopefully I can still make that happen.

I know you totally care about all of that :P Sometimes it helps to write it all out and have an accountable plan, rather than hoarding things to oneself.

Now to lighten things up a bit...

Last night when we went to the gym (commitment, that we're still fitting it in) I took my phone in with me because I wanted to try to get a selfie on the spin bikes. Total fail-whale, by the way:

They keep the lights off and it was wayyy too dark to get a decent picture.
Cam asked me why I was taking my phone in and I lied a little told him I forgot to leave it in my car. Then I took it out to take the selfie, and he said he was banning cell phones at the gym from now on. Granted, I have taken many post-workout selfies...but I'd never taken my phone in during a workout and he was already ready to ban it!

Phone nazi!

Then this morning he showed me this YouTube video he found:

Hah!!!! I decided to pay a visit to (it's a real thing, yo) and then asked Cam if he'd visited the site yet to see how much worse some guys have it.

Spoiler alert: He hadn't.

I got a good laugh out of all of it though. I plan on sneaking my phone into the gym again to provide proof that we do actually work out. I know you guys don't really believe me :P

Anyways...I've gotten to the point where I'm just rambling, and it's time for me to shove off and do something productive that I won't regret having not done tomorrow.

PS...I have a 4 day weekend! Just gotta make it through today and my test in the morning and I am home freeeeee for a few days. Wooo!

See you all soon (hopefully with good things to report)!


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