Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving again

It's Thanksgiving today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all (even if you are some uncultered heathen living in a country that doesn't celebrate the US Thanksgiving... ;P)!!!

I actually can't believe that it's Thanksgiving and I'm not sure why. November seems to be flying by (just like the whole year!), so I feel like today has snuck up on me. Might also be because I still got up stupid early (like 5:30) and aside from the fact that I'm still sitting in my pajamas, it doesn't feel like a day off yet...

That said, not a single Thanksgiving goes by that I don't think about how this was my dad's favorite holiday (ironic, given that he was English and didn't celebrate a single Thanksgiving until he was in his 30s), and missing him always feels a little different on Thanksgiving. It makes me a little more conscious of how grateful I am for the people I do still have around me.

Speaking of people I'm stupendously grateful we're heading to Jennie and Steve's to celebrate.

Read her latest blog post and you'll be surprised to find out I'm not dressing like a homeless person for the occasion.

Instead, I'm acting civil and completely ruling the holiday. Why?

Because I'm bringing PIES.

Apple with a swirly top-crust thing Jennie wanted me to do.

Deep dish pumpkin (the turkey is kind of my signature on Thanksgiving pies).

And a bunch of mini-pumpkin pies. The crust-to-filling ratio is higher on these, making them perfect for people like myself who prefer crust, and still want a little bit of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

To you and yours, wherever you are and however you celebrate:

Happy Thanksgiving


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