Wednesday, October 7, 2015

These Shirts Will Be the Death of Me.

This morning I got to work, took out my wallet and...SOMEONE STOLE MY DEBIT CARD.

Okay, it didn't happen at work, I just realized it first thing. The short story is that everything is fine and I'll get my money back. But I'll give you the long story too.

My cousin and I met at Cheesecake Factory for lunch yesterday and now I can't even remember getting my card back after paying. I can't remember if I got it back, I can't remember if I did get and put it on the table then forgot to put it in my wallet, if I dropped it...nothing. I can remember writing the tip, and I also remember my cousin getting her card(s), but I can't remember where mine went. I can tell you that the mobile banking shows the charge for my lunch was put through at 1:11pm, and at 1:30 pm there was a $105.55 charge for Boost Mobile.

These thieves work fast. And yeah, someone stole my card and bought a burner phone. Some people, eh?

In other news: This happened to my desk on Monday...

I sorted them out and got them all put into piles to hand out to people and...well. It turns out there was a problem with my tally. I don't know if it was my fault, or if the person keeping track for this specific department made the mistake, but there is a mistake and I need to make shirts appear out of thin air. Ish. Ugh, why couldn't this Wednesday just go smoothly?!

Of course the shirt thing couldn't go smoothly from here on out. Now I have to rush around to try and rectify this. I'm a bit panicky because this was the main thing we did for fundraising and I want people to be happy. I don't like people being upset, and I (selfishly) don't want this to reflect poorly on my organizing ability. So I'm stressing about it and trying not to.

I just keep reminding myself that this is a huge company and there are always problems with everything, and the trick is in making it look like it came off without a hitch.


Now...I think they look cool and I'm happy with how they turned out, especially since our little group managed all of this ourselves. BUT - of course - I've already had one person complain to me about the color of the shirts. I told her there were other factors we had to consider (price, sizing, etc etc) and she was like, "But that's the best you could do?"

Yes. Yes it is. Next time, I'll let the naysayers do the ordering...might convert them! It really hasn't been as easy as you would think, and I know it's not the end of the world, but...yeah. You get it, I'm sure.

Bottom line...just gotta get through it! In a few weeks this fundraising thing will be over, and my coworker who broke her ankle will be back. I feel like many facets of my life are looking to change (read that as: I want them to and will make it happen), but I need to wait out these few weeks.

I shall make my inner pessimist an optimist, and forge on.

Also: Chester A Arthur's pants. Because it makes my day brighter, and I need that. Head over to The Presidentress for your own copy to color!

I absolutely did not do this at work where I only have poor pens and highlighters to color with. Also, Chester's tailor has not finished dying the pants in his closet, his makeup artist is on vacation, and the monogramist for all of his pictures is should be snoozing under her desk right now. Deal with it...
And now I leave you!


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