Friday, October 9, 2015

Physical Therapy

Despite the pity fest I had on Wednesday, there is good news outside of work and the whole credit card thing!

I had my first PT appointment Wednesday and it went well. The computer system change/merger thing at my doctor affected the PT department too, so not only did I have a ton of forms to fill out when I got there, but I basically had to rehash everything with the PT (whose name is Amy) about my injury and previous appointments because she couldn't get into the system. She was pretty impressed that I remembered everything from the MRI results to what was written on my PT script, telling me that most people don't pay attention to any of that. She had me go into detail about some running stuff to - asked about my training plan, shoes, any other activities I was doing, etc. I made a point of telling her that things didn't start bothering me until after spraining my ankle at laser tag that day - and that even after my 12-mile run the week before the sprain I was "sore, but pain like this" and that I didn't seem to have problems with the tendinitis until after the sprain (since the tendinitis is the big issue now). I did mention that I'm historically bad about stretching right after exercise - that I generally do some yoga and/or stretching in the morning a few times a week, but not as a cool down for exercising. We agreed I should be better about that.

Amy did all the measurements so we can watch my improvement (and even told me I have a negative degree of flexion in my left ankle, which is probably why I sprained it), then showed me a few exercises and stretches to do at home. Next week we'll start in on the real theraphy, with ultrasound and tissue work and all that.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but she seemed kind of excited to have me as a patient. Not only because I was fluent and engaged about my own medical history, but because my general activity level seemed to indicate to her that I'd be a "good" patient and do all my stretching and exercises (which I plan to). She also told me to keep swimming, because the swimming will be really good for general strength and range of motion as I recover. And since my goal for therapy is to get back to running, she checked out my IT bands and hips, and gave me some stretches to loosen and align those as well.

Bottom line, I think Amy and I will get along just fine, and I'm actually excited for what I can learn during the next few weeks. I realize that this tendinitis thing is something I'll potentially have to deal with for the rest of my life, so having an arsenal of knowledge to combat it with will be a decent advantage.

Moving on! I mentioned that I've been doing quite a bit of swimming, and I'm keeping up with that. I've been going on Mondays after work and doing laps after weightlifting as well. Unfortunately because of PT, Mondays are going to be curtailed for a while. I called last Friday afternoon and made my PT appointments for the rest of the month and they'll be on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:20. Usually I'm getting to the gym for my swim on Monday at about 4, and there isn't enough time to make it from there to the PT's in 20 minutes, let alone throw in 30 minutes of swimming.

I might end up going after PT, but that would make for some really long Mondays, and lots of back and forth driving. My gym is on the way home from work, but totally the wrong way from my doctor:

The arrow line is my route home, the red dot is my doctor/PT, and my house isn't even on this map. Just to illustrate how much back and forth there would be.
When I go to the doctor/PT I take a totally different route anyways. There is the option of waking up really early on Mondays (4:15) and heading straight to the gym for my swim, getting ready there, and then going to work right after. I'm very seriously considering this option...but 1) I would have to go to bed earlier on Sundays and 2) I have to actually get up to go swim in a cold pool on Monday mornings.

I'll figure it out. I'm not worrying about it today, I'll worry about it on Sunday. And I don't have to worry about it on Wednesdays, because they're my rest day.

I'll do a post later about swimming and how I've been getting back into it, but I think I'll leave it here for now.

Also to look forward to - I'm spectating at the Chicago Marathon this weekend. It will be the first time I've ever even gone to the race, and I'm fairly excited. Cam's coming with, and possibly our friend Dan too. I'll be tracking two runners (my friend's Uncle Jim and Katie from The Hungry Twenties), and I'm really looking forward to cheering them on! I'll also get to see Mama and Papa Bender and might end up doing something with them after the race. All things considered, I'm looking forward to some fun on Sunday!

My plan is to take lots of fun pictures and stuff, but we all know I'm terrible at that, so we'll see. I do plan on posting about it regardless of the whole pictures thing!

Until later!


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  1. Gahhhh!!! I am so excited you are going to be out on the course!! My bib number is 20477. Also, are you on Instagram? If so, DM me so I can say hello! I am @HungryTwenties on Instagram! I'll be looking for you along the course!! Would love to know in advance if you know where you'll end up being. THANK YOU!