Saturday, October 3, 2015

And now we have a plan...

Hello again!

I promised an injury-update post, and I feel like I should deliver this on time!

I got the results of my MRI yesterday, and it was one of those good news-bad news type things. The good news is that I don't have a stress fracture. The bad news is that I definitely sprained my ankle kind of badly during laser tag a few weeks ago, and all the limping exacerbated some tendinitis I'd been accruing with all the running I did this summer.

In some ways I really just wanted it to be a stress fracture because the recovery is way simpler. 6-8 weeks don't do stuff. Tendinitis is one of those things that never really goes away and has to be watched for and managed. So the current prognosis is to stay in the boot for 2 more weeks then start weaning out of it - this is to protect the sprain, which is still pretty bad, and keep the ligaments stable while it heals. I also need to get myself into PT for the next 4-6 weeks to do something about the tendinitis.

Because of the scheduling at my doctor's office I can't start PT until Wednesday, so until then I'm going to look up what I can do to help myself in the meantime (besides just icing). And before anyone jumps to the comments and says "take ibuprofen too!", I'll hedge you off by saying "I WISH!" because I can't. I'm allergic. Like actual, legit, face swells and throat closes and I get hives in my mouth, allergic. It's one of those unfortunate personal things that always makes injury recovery slightly more lengthy and frustrating. So yeah.

Funny thing though - I love my orthopedist. And not just because he's super cute (which he is). He's the same doctor I saw when I had my shoulder injury and surgery (almost exactly!) two years ago, and the other day I was thinking about it and I have never liked or trusted a doctor more than I trust him. He's really very awesome.

That's not the funny part though. When I went in yesterday there was a huge wait to sign in because the practice just joined our local hospital system so everyone had to re-register. I got there 10 minutes early for my appointment and it took an hour before I was in the room to see him (Cam even had time to meet me there when he got off work). So my doctor's assistant came in and told me that he was shocked when I wasn't signed in at 3:15 because I never miss my appointments, and he kept telling her, "She'll be here. Christina always shows up. She has never missed an appointment. This is really weird..." Hah! It actually felt really good to hear that! Like he trusts me on my end as the patient as much as I trust him with his doctoring.

So anyways, we go through the appointment and he gives me my results and tells me what we're gonna do, and then goes to write the scripts and stuff, but I completely forgot to ask about activity restrictions. So the nurse calls him back in and here's how the conversation went:

Me: Sooo...activity restrictions?
Him: Well, what do you specifically want to do?
Me: Can I swim?
Him: Yeah, swimming is fine.
Me: How about cycling?
Him: Indoors or outdoors?
Me: *laughs* Well which are you gonna tell me not to do?
Him: I really don't want you outdoors on trails and roads, but an exercise bike is fine.
Me: Okay cool. What about lifting...?
Him: *laughs* You can do any upper body weights that you want....
Me (to Cam): He's telling me I can only bench press for the next month!
*We all laugh*
Him: Anything else?
Me: I think that's it.
Him: Alright, well you have a good weekend and I'll see you back in three weeks.
Me: Sounds good. *Pause* Oh wait, Dr. Gent?
Him: Yeah?
Me: What about running? Can I run? *tries not to laugh*
Him: *laughing* I'm leaving now! You know you can't run!

That is actually how the conversation happened. I seriously love him (as much as you can love your doctor, haha) and I really do trust him. I like knowing that I have a doctor who can have a sense of humor as far as things like sports injuries go (he totally knew I was yanking his chain about the running thing too). So if you're in the northwest Chicago burbs and need an guy, I have one for you.

So there's all that. Again, not the end of the world, just have to take it easy for a while. But I can still swim and cycle so I'm gonna be working that stuff in over the next few weeks in addition to my PT. Not entirely sure how since PT will be on days I normally work out after work, but I'll figure it out!

Now off I go to do Saturday morning eat breakfast. I haven't done that yet and I'd really, really like to...


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