Sunday, September 6, 2015

First Saturday

I feel a bit like this this morning:

I'm sitting here in Cam's clothes (seriously, why is his underwear so much more comfortable than mine?!) reflecting a bit on yesterday, and dreading the madness that will ensure as my mom gets everything ready to have Cam's family over for dinner tonight (big deal, that).

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. I had my longest run to date, and then a full day of stuff after. Normally I'm up at 6 for my long runs, I eat, and then I saunter on out at 7, but yesterday I accidentally fell back asleep and woke up like a shot at 7, realizing I was now running late (I actually didn't intend that pun, but I'm leaving it).

Sidenote: Cam is super sweet. Before he went to bed he sent me a text that said, "Please wake me up and take me with ya tomorrow. I don't mind how early you decide to leave." The night before his mom had been making a big deal about people being attacked at Busse Woods (not sure the specifics or severity so I'm skeptical) and he told me that if anything happened to me and he wasn't around he'd feel terrible. Not only was it nice to wake up to that text, it was also nice to know I'd have some company for the two and a half hours I'd be running.

We left by 7:30 and right around 7:45 I popped in my headphones with an audiobook on (Storm Front - Book 1 of the Dresden Files if you're wondering) and was off.

This run was a very interesting experience for me in a lot of ways, all of which I shall detail.

First...I realized pretty quickly just how muggy and humid it was, so I was sweating a ton right off the bat. I felt good for the first couple of miles, I was just very sticky. Okay, that's not new or interesting, but it will be around mile 6.

Anyways, I paused around 3.5 and captured a few pictures of these guys (and I stole some of Cam's because his were better):

The elk of Elk Grove Village!

You can see all the sweat on my chest...

Great pic by Mr Cam!
And then around mile 4 Cam snapped this picture of me running over one of the bridges. I started asking him a question before I realized he was taking a picture of me:

Cam and I kind of leap frogged through the whole thing. He'd ride ahead and do push ups or something, and then I would pass him before he got back on his bike. I feel like he's the real hero for doing that for twelve miles over two and a half hours.

I had to turn around a bit sooner than I wanted to because of construction on the trail (mile 5.15) and it was around this time that I realized my feet were starting to hurt. That was a shock, because I wasn't even half way done at that point and couldn't even imagine how they'd feel after nearly double what I'd done. You see, I had a total brain fart before I left my house on Friday and I forgot to grab my 1260s - I only had my Glycerins in my bag. I wasn't worried about blisters for the run, but I was worried about support...and this run taught me that for long runs, I need my 1260s.

After my turn around I took a few pictures of my distance...yesterday's run counted as my Beat the Blerch 10k and I wanted to document that!

A bit slower than past fastest was actually my run in the rain last week at 1:10:18!
I took this picture at the end of the 12...there was no way I was carrying that stuff with me while I ran!
I also snagged this pic of me and Cam after I realized he was running his bike behind me - I have to admit, he got crafty with his workout yesterday, and I love him for doing this for me:

Right after I this I decided I was too hot to be wearing a shirt. So, in an impulsive fit of "I don't care anymore"...I took it off. And for the first time in my life I completed a run without my shirt on. I kind of cared, but at the same time I didn't. I mean, I don't have a perfect body, but it's not like I was going to stop traffic because I'm hideous.

It actually had a huge mental effect on me. I felt like I could do whatever I wanted after that. 12 miles? Easy-freaking-peasy. (It got harder though...haha.)

So, I never fill my Camelbak when I run because I've always had plenty of water left over, but it was so hot yesterday that I sucked down the 1 liter I had by mile 7. I got a bit panicky because I didn't know if the marathon training group had finished and taken their water away with them. So when Cam came up behind me I told him I needed water and he gave me his water bottle and I downed it (there was about 8 oz in it). I told him I was out and he said he'd go find a place to fill his bottle and come back. (Around this time my headphones also came out because I was sick of dealing with them.)

It turns out the marathoners hadn't left, and he filled his bottle then took my Camelbak and filled it enough to get me through my remaining miles.

We reached the 10 mile mark just before I got to the bridge that would take us back to the car. I didn't want to have to run past the car and back, so we decided to explore one of the shorter paths that branches off the main one. Here's a map of my whole run - basically one long out and back because of the construction:

And that little bit in the top left was my extra out-and-back when I got closer to the start:

I felt really, really good through mile 10, and then I got to The Wall. Mentally, I knew I could do 12 - but those last two miles were hard physically. My body hurt and I was tired, but when I slowed down to walk it felt harder than it did when I was running, mostly because of the pain in my hips and my knees.

When I finished, I stepped off the trail and took a break for a few seconds. I was so happy...not really to be done, but because I'd done it. It was a great feeling of accomplishment. And here are my splits for the feat:

I'm happy because these times are fairly consistent. Mile 6 I slowed down to take pictures of my Garmin but didn't stop it, and mile 11 I walked a bit longer because I was eating the Larabar and needed an extra minute of recovery for the final mile. But overall, I hovered right around 12 minutes per mile, which will do me just fine for the race in two weeks. Afterwards, I'll focus on increasing that mile time a bit.

So observations (they're mostly physical):
  1. I'm sore. My left hip and both of my ankles are achey today, and my hip flexors feel pretty beat up.
    • For the next couple of weeks I will really need to focus on stretching out my hips, quads, and hamstrings. Icing my ankles probably isn't a bad idea either....
  2. I did 12 miles, so I'm confident I can do 13. This was my longest run to date by THREE miles, and I know that if I can push myself to do that, I can push myself to finish the half.
  3. I totally forgot to mention that I got a FlipBelt. It was difficult to get my nutrition out of my Camelbak while I was running, so I decided it was time to get something else (especially because I don't plan on running the half with my Camelbak...I don't think. I dunno yet...)
    • The flip belt fit well and was snug around my hips for the whole run.
    • My phone stayed in place (which really surprised me) but I had to put it in a plastic bag to get it in an out. Good thing though, otherwise it would have accumulated a TON of sweat on it. I was pleasantly surprised that my phone didn't bounce at all, and it didn't even feel like I was carrying extra weight. I will probably take my phone with for the half.
    • I had to readjust my nutrition a few times because the packages slid a bit, but it wasn't some horrendous feat.
    • And in case you're interested: My nutrition for this run included 4 shot bloks and 1 Larabar (roughly 500 calories). I also ate some weird chocolate oatmeal protein bar beforehand (it had 400 calories but was slow-burning carbs, and while not terrible, I don't think I'll do it again - I'd rather just have a Clif Bar with peanut butter on it). I'm trying to stay away from too much sugar based stuff (like the Shot Bloks) which is why I got the Larabar too. I had absolutely no digestive issues during the run, so this is probably the same protocol I'll use for the half.
And that's it on the training end of things!

By the time we got home it was almost 11 and I had to hurry to shower and get ready for my cousin Sarah's wedding shower. Aside from being really hungry - I had a cup of coffee with soymilk but didn't have time to eat anything - I just felt rushed because I also had to stop and buy wrapping stuff for the gift I bought (another thing I forgot to bring from home on Friday).

I was on time though (score!) and the shower was nice and fairly informal (which I loved, because that's just how I am about weddings). Sarah and I were able to talk for a while, which was probably my favorite part of the whole shower. As we've gotten older we've realized we have a ton of stuff in common. Apart from the fact that she's a physicist (fer realz) and I have an aversion to math, we share many of the same hobbies and it's fun to have those things to talk about and connect over. It kind of sucks because she lives in California now, but I think we'll adjust and handle it as we go.

I left around 4 and headed home to get ready for dinner plans with an old friend. When I got home I ended up laying on my bed for about 20 minutes while Benjen roamed around my room. I had planned on cleaning my room, but that didn't happen. I had no idea how I was going to make it through dinner with Steffi, but we had a good time and then went to DSW and Old Navy and scored some good deals. I didn't get any shoes, but at Old Navy I bought a few cute (and work appropriate!) tops, so score there.

I didn't get to bed until 10, and I'm surprised I made it that late. I'm even more surprised that I was up at 6:45...but that is how it goes.

And now I'm off, for today awaits, and after today is tomorrow - a holiday and a day off! You know what that is Second Saturday! Yay!

Peace out, peeps!


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