Monday, August 31, 2015

Running in the Rain

It feels like so much, and yet not enough happened this weekend!

I'm sorry for not popping in for a workout update, I just ended up being busy, and decided to use my spare time to nap instead of blog :P

On Friday right after work I met my friend Gloria for lunch. She used to work at the same company (we made the awesome Habitat bake display last year) but left a few months ago to pursue a calling to ministry at the United Methodist Church. I've really, really missed her lately so I was more than excited for lunch and some hangout time. We hit up Granite City again for lunch (that became a kind of tradition before she left) and then went to the mall to wander around.

As we were walking past one store I realized it was full of calendars and games...just my kinda place! So we went in and looked around and it was so cool! I found something for my mom for Christmas (never too early to start stocking up the gifts), and also decided to get an adult coloring book for myself. They're supposed to be great stress relievers, and I put mine to use right away. Here's what I got colored over the weekend:

I love that these are meant to be whimsical and surreal and I can color trees blue and the grass purple :P
Gloria and I had such a good time and it was fun to catch up. It's so weird not having her around, and after the rough few weeks I had it was good to get in some serious face time with a friend.

It was a pretty quiet evening and I decided to go to bed early since I had to get up for a long run on Saturday.

Oh, Saturday.

I woke up at 4:30 (yes, AM) from a nightmare. In my dream, I had signed up for an Ironman and decided NOT to train. Go ahead and put that on the list of things I would never do...the not training part. I've been really good about my half training, so if the day ever comes that I decide to do 140.6 you can bet your butt I'd train for it.

Anyways, not only did I decide not to train, but it was like a weird tough-mudder style Ironman, and first I switched to some stupid bike I thought would work better in the mud (it was literally rubber with roller blade, I know) and then I ended up leaving my bike behind and swimming through mud for most of the cycling portion. I woke up right after I finished the bike portion and was told I had 30 minutes to run a marathon or I'd DNF (Did Not Finish). You probably don't need me to say it...but I DNF'd in my dream.

So I woke up...and it was raining. Hard and loud. I checked the weather and it said the rain should stop between 6 and 8, but indicated that it would start again after. Knowing my long run (I'd planned 11 miles) would take just over 2 hours, I figured a 7am start time would still be okay, and I dozed on and off until about 5:45,

I got up and started getting ready, getting kind of anxious about the unrelenting rain, and decided to pack a bag for the gym too. People, it kind of killed me to even think about running 11 miles on a treadmill. But I packed the bag, including a towel, shower stuff, two water bottles and my Shot Bloks, and just as I picked up my keys to get in my car I decided I would run outside instead.

Okay...not one of my better ideas as it was about 6:45 and the rain still hadn't stopped, but I figured two things:
  1. The weather people said the rain would stop for a few hours.
  2. If it rains on the day of the half, I will have to run outside anyways.
So I laced up, put on my waterproof jacket and Camelbak, and stepped outside.

It really wasn't bad for the first few miles, but I should have known the "weather people" can't be trusted. The rain was pretty light, and I figured it would let up for a bit. So I planned out my route in my head because I wanted to stay close enough to home that I could get there relatively quickly if the weather looked like it was going south (ie too much thunder or lightning started, because there hadn't been any lightning up til then).

But then the rain decided to be heavy. And it also decided not to stop being heavy. My waterproof (which is really, really light weight) was only waterproof for about a mile and a half, and then I was soaked through. After about three miles my feet started getting more and more wet, and by 5 miles I was going crazy trying to decide if I should stick to my planned 11 miles, or head home.

'Head home' won out. I had what I felt were good reasons, but I still beat myself up about it a bit all afternoon. There had been a bit of lightning, but what really worried me was how wet my feet were. My shoes were so soaked that they were heavy and squishing with every step, and my feet were sliding around a bit in them. I haven't written about it yet but I've had problems with a blister on one of my big toes after my long runs - nothing terrible, it's just that my right foot is bigger than the left by almost half a size, so my right big toe rubs a bit against the side of my shoe as I run. After every long run I drain it and let it dry out, and I've been able to keep it in check.

But my feet were so wet that I was worried I would get other blisters that would interfere with my training. And since the whole point of training is to actually run the half, I decided to call it. I figured I'd end up running between 6 and 7 miles, and I was okay with that. I finished at 6.5 miles, and was (admittedly) pretty happy to get home and dry off.

Since I know you wanna see it, here I am after the run. Pardon the terrible lighting, while my mom took the picture I stood in the laundry room so I wouldn't drip all over everything:

And I totally took a picture of my feet since I knew I'd mention that blister. 
To make myself feel better about the whole thing I decided to use this run as my Platform 9 3/4k for the Hogwarts Running Club. The medals won't be shipped for a little while, but I took that second picture to use for it. I can't wait to see the medal!

I had to shower really quickly because I had a chiropractor appointment to get to...and since my shoes got so wet I decided to go buy an alternate pair just in case. It's something I've been meaning to do for a looooong while and I just haven't been able to convince myself.

Before I go on about the shoes, I've gotta say that the adjustment I had at the chiro was one of the best I've had. I go to the same place I was an LMT at, and just before I left a new doctor started. I've had a few appointments with him and he's really great. Very thorough and his 'style' works well with my body. But moving on...!

When I got to the running store, the woman helping me had me try both the Ghost and Glycerin models by Brooks, and I ended up getting the Glycerins. I've heard good things about the Brooks brand, but I've never had a pair. The Ghosts fit well but felt very clunky, even moreso than my 1260s (which are a very "sturdy" shoe) and they slid off my heels a lot when I ran. The Glycerins don't run in wide widths (not the women's, at least) so I tried the men's ones and almost immediately fell in love. They actually felt like gloves - light but supportive and hugged my feet really well without being tight. When I ran with them on the treadmill they won out over the Ghosts. And as a bonus times two, they had them in royal blue AND were 20% off since they're the "old" model (12s, not 13s)...check 'em out:

I also picked up a pair of footless compression socks while I was there. My legs have been a bit sore/achey after my long runs and I have a pair of footed compression socks that have helped, but wanted footless to wear with my flip flops. I put them on when I got home and I love them!

I didn't do a whole lot after that...I dropped some stuff off at my aunt's for a party on Sunday (sidenote...check out this picture I took of a baby squirrel who decided to climb her!):

...and then I went to Cam's. His grandparents wanted to take us all out to dinner for his mom's birthday. It was a pretty uneventful night as far as things go, which I was totally fine with. I showed Nana how to play a one person card game called Grandma's Game (which I picked up from Runs for Cookies), and then Cam and I watched an episode of Bloodline (our new "watch together" show), and then I hit the hay.

Sunday (yesterday) Cam and I got up and headed for the gym right away (right around 8). I'd been playing with the idea of going for a run to make up miles from Saturday (and test out my new shoes), but I decided against it. We did this instead:

I'm feeling it in my back today (in a good way), so I'll take this workout as a success. We generally try to fit in one "core" exercise and then at least 4 auxiliary ones with each workout, and weekends are usually the day we do deadlifts, and then whatever we left out during the week.

After our workout I got out my CPCU study stuff (yup, that's still happening!) and crammed some studying in. I have a week and a half until my test, so I'm starting to get a little nervous! Eep! I'm at a place I'm pretty comfortable with, but the next week will definitely have some focus to studying. I'll be really happy to take a few weeks' break when I'm done with this test, especially since there's so much other stuff happening the week after. That said...I need to order books for my next test as soon as I'm done with the first, so I shan't relax too much.

Cam and I hung out with his parents and grandparents a bit before I headed over to my aunt's for a barbecue. A good chunk of our family was there, and it was nice to just sit around and talk for a while. The weather was warmer this week (apparently we're gonna have a temperature spike again here soon...yippee / was almost 90 degrees when I went out for lunch today which left me suddenly dreading today's run) so we got to sit outside in the sun for a while too. I felt like I left early (I was getting kind of tired) but my mom and brother got home about 15 minutes after I did, so I must have been right on par with everyone else.

And that was the weekend! Who would have thought all of that would happen in one weekend?! Not me, for sure, although I should kind of expect it by now, especially since I actually had a lot of that planned out...whoops.

In case you feel like you're missing out, here are my run and workout recaps for the last week. Sorry I've been so bad about keeping up with these...perhaps I should make it a September goal to be better about it...!

Since today is Monday, I did three miles, per my normal schedule:

Like I said...the weather has climbed back to brutal. It was hot and humid today...just the kind of day that makes me loathe running. I waited until after 6 to go out and run, which is really late for me. It was difficult, but only for my hamstrings and calves...I could certainly feel the afterburn from those deadlifts! I could also tell that there's a slight difference in form from the new shoes, but my knee fared really well. It didn't bother me at all, and that was my main concern with getting new shoes.

And apparently part of our weird weather the last few weeks is due to the wild fires out west. It's just so nuts to think that that's happening thousands of miles away and yet we're still impacted! Hopefully things cool off again after this week - I'd love to run the half in weather like we had last week, rather than weather like today!

And as promised, a workout roundup from last week, both runs and lifting:
Tuesday's run splits (I didn't run Monday because of Rico) and our workout log. Turns out our gym has a bunch of water damage so we couldn't use certain machines (like the leg press) and couldn't do a few of the things we wanted to.

And Thursday. I ran again...just two miles on the treadmill. We had to work out and then were going for dinner with Cam's fam so we kept things short and sweet. We also had an argument about my bench weight and ended our workout in angry silence while we both pumped away...that's why I didn't fill in the final weight for us. I know mine was 60lbs for the 10 set, and I think his was like 195...
And that's it for this post! I have nothing but the usual work/study/workout/run planned all week, so you probably won't hear from me for a bit. I kind of want to keep it that way...there is way too much other stuff that has happened in the past month, excitement can keep to itself for a while!


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