Thursday, August 6, 2015


Hello out there!

I tend to do this, don't I? One big butt-spanking of a post and then I take it easy for a few days! Every Saturday I mean to post on Sunday, but my Sundays have really turned into rest days for me which is why I always end up not posting.

Okay, kind of but not really on the rest day thing. It all tends to depend on everything else.

The good news is, I took today off work (because it's my awesome momma's birthday!!!), so I have a bit of time to update! (I say that with a slight hint of's 5 o'clock and I was out all day!)

The work week has been a bit boring, but this past weekend was actually pretty great. The Department of Mysteries run was awesome, and then my mom and I went out for dinner so it was like I started my weekend the right way, right away.

I got up early on Saturday determined to get a bunch of stuff done. I've wanted to update my Ravelry for ages, but once I finished my Bermuda Shawl I knew it was a necessity. I needed pictures of a few other pieces, so when I got up (and after I did the dishes) I immediately started looking around for a scarf/shawl I made in February.

I couldn't find it anywhere. I looked and looked and looked and I just could not find it. When my mom got up I asked if she'd seen it, and she hadn't. I kept looking and finally decided that I'd just let it go, I had to take pictures of other stuff.

So I went outside with my Bermuda and a cowl I made last winter, and started taking pictures...and then my grandparents (who live next door) invited me over for coffee since they were eating breakfast on their patio with my aunt. And who am I to say no to coffee?

I went over, had some coffee and told them about Idaho (my grandpa asked) and then after about 20 minutes I dashed off to get ready for a chiropractor appointment, and literally right before I left I found the scarf I'd been searching for, tucked in a bag in a closet. I threw it on the table, headed out, and was home from the chiro by 9.

And I decided it was the perfect time to clean out my car...which I got halfway through before my dust buster died, forcing me to head back inside, where I immediately resumed the task of photographing knit things to update my Ravelry. Here are the three projects I was updating:

Bermuda Shawl

Bermuda Shawl

Modified Garland Cowl

The first two are of the Bermuda Shawl I just finished (that link will take you to my Ravelry project page). It's made from a lighter yarn which makes it a great spring/fall (or summer nights) wardrobe piece, and also works great in an air conditioned office. For my yarn-inclined friends: the unique pattern is a result of the long verigations in the yarn as well as short row sections. It was a really fun but easy project, and turned out way more beautiful than I ever thought it would!

The second is a modified Garland Cowl that I made with yarn I purchased in England! I took the eyelet portion of this pattern and repeated it with each color for an airy pattern that's warm when double wrapped.

The last one...well. It's probably the most emotional project I've ever made.

In February - after I found out about Kayla being killed - I felt so helpless and lost. I needed to do something with my feelings, with all of my energy and emotions - and there were so many emotions. I didn't know what to do, but I wanted to knit something, and for the first time I had a very clear picture in my head of a project that would look like all the things Kayla reminded me of...mountains and sunsets and oranges and purples and reds. So I went to a store and bought yarn that made me think of her, and I started working.

I worked totally freehand and this is what happened:

I love it, and though it will always remind me of the chaos and sadness I felt when Kayla died, it will also always remind me of her bright, compassionate spirit. This was for her. All of my love and emotions for her, poured into one bundle of yarn as I worked it. I called it "Compassion" because that is the biggest lesson Kayla and her memory have given me. To always strive to see another's pain as I would my own.

... That's a hard act to follow.'s the project page. It's not much, but it's as good a follow up as any.

Much better than continuing with "and after I took my pictures I tie dyed some shirts," although that really is what I did next. I've been meaning to tie-dye our Color in Motion shirts (to hide the colorful sweat stains) since we did the race in June, and I just haven't gotten around to it. But I finally did this weekend! I don't have an after picture yet, but I'll try to snag one soon.

And I followed that up with meeting Cam at the gym to work out. I'm actually super proud of Saturday's workout because I nailed a 5-rep deadlift PR:

See my note on the bottom?! My deadlift was 135lbs for 5 reps...that means that, excepting my leg press weight, I had 45lb plates on the bar for the first time ever!!!I'm really used to lifting the 45s off the ground and onto the bar because Cam uses like 15 at a time (exaggeration) but I'm really pretty proud of  myself for finally getting them on the bar and then picking that bad boy up myself. It was a tough lift though, and I had some major DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to deal with on Sunday and Monday as a result. But it showed that I could do it, and I feel like I'm finally making some headway into strengthening my back. Woot!

Our Super Awesome Gym Sesh was followed by lunch at Panera, a stop at Dicks so I could get new running sunglasses (my cheapo ones broke beyond repair last week) and car cleaning. I went nuts and cleaned Cam's car too because I didn't want to have to get in a dirty car right after I'd cleaned my own.

We spent Saturday hanging out with friends playing Catchphrase and grilling, so all in all a nice evening.

Sunday I got up a bit later and then just hung around for a bit waiting for Cam to get up so we could breakfast and bike ride. I almost killed him during the bike ride. We rode across town to the lake that my city was named after, and before we headed home I asked if he wanted a hill on the way. He said no, so in my head I structured a ride that would give us a great downhill...albeit after a very short uphill. The only problem was that I didn't actually tell him any of that, and he about killed me when I rode past my street and started this "climb"...I put it in quotes because it's definitely a hill, but not a big one. We had been riding for about 8 miles though, and after heavy deadlifts that can be kinda hard.

Oh...and there's the whole cardio-aerobic thing. You see, I keep forgetting that Cam kind of stopped running with me after the Cinco de Miler. We still work out together 2-3 days a week, so it's an easy thing to forget. Truth is, my cardio endurance is way better than his (doubled by the fact that I don't have asthma to contend with).

So we got to the top of the hill and he was not a happy bear. He was an angry bear. I told him I had a great downhill planned and it would just be a few more miles and he glared at me and said, "You go ahead and do that great downhill, I'm going back to your house."


So I went with him. We covered 8 miles in about 45 minutes though, which is nothing to be ashamed of!

Overall it was a great weekend that left me refreshed and motivated for everything else in life. I got so many things checked off my To-Do-Around-the-House list that my brain felt a little less cluttered, ready to handle more than I have been lately. Everything, from the Running Club straight down to tie dying those shirts made me feel just that little bit more inspired than I have been in the past month or so. It was nice to wave goodbye to July and ring in August with a smile.

And I'll be carrying that smile all through tomorrow (I hope). One more workday before the weekend! Woohoo! See you later :D


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