Friday, August 7, 2015

A Random Day Off

So I mentioned yesterday that I took the day off! Sometime around mid-July my mom told me she was taking her birthday off and asked if I'd want to join her so we could get some admin-type stuff done and then hang out. I said of course, and put in for the PTO right away.

Let me tell you, it was so nice all week knowing I'd have Thursday off just for fun. It was a bright little ray of sunshine just knowing I didn't have to get up early or put on work clothes, and that I had that entire time to just chill with my momma.

In the lead up to her birthday I asked if there was anything special she wanted...dinner, a dessert, whatever. She told me my grandparents invited us over for dinner, but that she'd love a peach pie for her birthday dessert (my mom's not one for cake). So on Wednesday during my lunch break I ran to Whole Foods and grabbed some peaches and picked up a few other things on my way home from work. My only commitment for her birthday was making that peach pie (and putting together her gift).

This was great for planning because it meant I would have time for a run Thursday morning before we headed out. I've been a bit silly with my early-week runs (down to entirely forgetting my shoes for the run I'd planned to do at Cam's on Tuesday), so I wanted to crank out a good 4 miles on Thursday.

So Wednesday night I did my peeling, slicing, and seasoning of the peaches, and planned to make the dough for the crust before my run on Thursday (because I can't just roll out of bed and do anything, especially not running...though apparently I can make pie crust just fine).

I got the crust made, dishes done, and then got ready and headed out for my run.

And was so much cooler yesterday morning than it has been. And less humid. Since it was so nice out I decided to interrupt my run/walk interval training and just run for a mile to see what my time was, and how it felt. You see, as I've been doing the run/walk I've been terrified that I won't be able to just keep running after my five minutes is up. It was nice enough out that I wanted to challenge myself a bit mentally, especially since it was a shorter run.

I ended up not running 1 mile, but skipping the first three intervals and doing 1.5! It felt good to go that far, and I considered going 2, but it was getting warmer and more humid and I wanted to save myself a bit for the rest of my run.

It was just such a good run. I don't know if it was entirely the heat or also the change in mindset recently, but the entire run felt good.

Here are my splits - I'm just happy I finished in under 45 minutes!

I do have one other thing though...there have been so many rabbits this year! Easily twice as many as I normally see, and I'm seeing all sizes, all the time. It's not like there were only babies for a while, and now it's only adults - the other day I saw one that must have only been two or three weeks old, just chomping away next to the bushes by a path. I swear the little buggers are out silflaying all day long (Watership Down reference, for those of you who know it!). I probably see about 10 rabbits within reach in my neighborhood during any given run, but yesterday I went past four within the same 100 foot stretch. It was ridiculous!

And they just keep coming - we've been finding bunny nests all summer. Fortunately we hadn't actually found any in our yard...until last Wednesday morning. My mom was in New York so I was tasked with feeding the mutt-pups in the morning, and Stewart was nowhere to be found. No where...and he didn't come when I called him (which is super strange because he's so attached to us that normally he's next to you before you can even say breathe to say his name).

(Gross story warning...move to warning end if you don't wanna read a story about the horrors of predator and prey.)

Well I found him. I thought he was chewing on a stick and he brought it inside and then dropped this small slimey thing on the ground, and when I bent closer to look the brat horked it down before I could see it. But not before the thing's foot fell off.

Yeah. Gross. I went outside and picked up two more little dead baby bunnies before Stewart could finish his breakfast. Then - and I'm not sure how he did it - my sweet, disgusting pooch spat out a baby rabbit. I dunno if he had stashed one on the side of the house or was saving the first one for later, but a tiny rabbit was spat from his mouth - and then immediately reconsumed when I tried to take it from him.

Disgusting. And I sure hope no others decide to nest in our yard, since they now know of Stewart the Rabbit Slayer (my mom's new, affectionate nickname for him since the rabbits ate all her flowers this year).

(Gross story over.)

He may be a rabbit slayer, but he's terrified of everything else, including Cam. Here is he trying to lick him while simultaneously staying as far away as possible.

For some stupid, unknown reason, Stewart treats Cam like his personal licking station. He'll lick him for hours. It's weird.

But anyways, moving on.

Pie crust was made, run was had, and then I showered and my mom and I headed off the the Secretary of State's office (the DMV for some of you out there) to get new IDs and transfer the title of my car. I've needed a state ID for a while just for convenience, and we've been dragging our feet on getting over there to transfer the title. But a quick trip and just over $200 later and I have both my ID and an officially registered vehicle. (I also confirmed my registration as an organ donor - it's possibly one of the most terrifying things to think about, but knowing I could save someone else's life if something happened to me is personally important.)

But congrats to me, I now officially own my car!

After business-time, we stopped at Farm and Fleet just for kicks and I ended up getting a really nice raincoat and a sweater - both on clearance. This was followed with a bit more shopping and lunch, and then we headed to a movie.

We saw Mr Holmes, the new Ian McKellan movie about an aging Sherlock Holmes trying to re-solve his last case. It was very good, with great acting by the entire cast - I was really impressed by Milo Parker (who plays the little boy) for being able to share the screen so well with Ian McKellan. I don't think that's an easy feat for any actor, but the kid did really well. I highly recommend it!

After the movie we stopped and grabbed frozen custard to go with the peach pie that I had to assemble and bake as soon as we got home. And assembled it, I did! I decided it needed more filling so I added the 2 remaining nectarines we had to the jumble I'd made the night before, then I rolled out my crusts, slapped the pie together, and slid it into the oven. 15 minutes at 400*, 50 minutes at 300*. Baked to perfection, and the house smelled amazing.

But since I'm terrible I forgot to take a picture. And since I don't have a picture of the pie, here's a picture of Nigel instead:

Once I got the pie in the oven I set about at assembling my mom's gift. She'd asked for a few things, and one of them was Hufflepuff merchandise (the Harry Potter obsession flows in her veins too). In the end, I bought her this 8x10 print, but couldn't decide on something else so I made up a nifty gift certificate for an item of her choosing, printed on a Hufflepuff background. I'd also ordered her a cute little card off Etsy to round out them theme. But I'm most proud of how I wrapped everything:

Pretty sweet, right?

Dinner with my grandparents was really nice, and my mom loved her gifts (from both me and my brother...we covered her whole list!). We both really enjoyed being able to spend the day together too - I'm honestly just happy I can. It's funny because just over a year ago I wouldn't have been able to take a day off on short notice like that, and now that I'm able to I wouldn't trade it!

So that's it's almost the weekend again! I swear the days are just flying by faster than I can say Hello-Goodbye to them.

If I don't pop in before the weekend's up, I hope you have a good one!


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