Sunday, July 5, 2015

Wild Holiday Weekend Extravaganza (in which there's a party every day!)

Hello, oh Wide World of Bloggers! Today is Sunday, July 5th - the third day of a three day holiday weekend, and it has been quite wonderful (and it's still not over!).

That said, happy belated Independence Day to anyone in the States - not sure about you, but I had a good time!

Here's a weekend recap (so far):

On Friday we started getting ready for the (Somethingth) Annual MacKenzie Fourth of July party. Cam came over and helped with a few bits while I iced some cookies, then we headed to a friend's for a pool party.

I took these to our friend's house that day.

These turned into one (of many) desserts for our party yesterday.
Friday was nice, fun, and relaxing - just a great time hanging out with friends and catching some sun while goofing off.

Saturday was a bit more crowded as far as 'To Do' lists go. It was definitely a busy day. I woke up at about 6:15 to get my run in (I got distracted and didn't leave for my 6 miles until almost an hour later) and I won't lie, it was a challenging run.

You'll notice my 4 mile split was a lot longer than the others. I took a two minute walk break (instead of 1 minute) when the run segment that crossed 3 miles ended. I just felt tired. My legs needed a little more of a break. And then, at about five and a half miles, I slowed down and walked another minute as well. It just got too hard to keep running, so I walked. That one didn't matter as much for my mile time, which was encouraging to see.

I will say was one of those hard runs. When I started, I didn't know how I would finish it, but I knew I had to. When I got to two miles I couldn't believe I had four more. When I got to three, I couldn't believe I was only half way done. By five though, I knew I could do one more. I had to. It was a struggle, but I did it. And the whole time I kept reminding myself, 'The sixth mile has to be hard. It has to be hard so that next week it's easier when you have to run seven.'

And I just kept telling myself that. Those last 1.5-2 miles are the hardest because they're miles you've never done before. And that's how I'll get to 13.1 by meeting a new mileage goal at the end of every week.

I found a nifty little incentive to keep my mileage up too, and I hope to blog about that soon since I've signed up for multiple "challenges" thorough it...but I digress.

Back to the fun bits of the weekend! Every year my mom throws a Fourth of July party, and this year was no exception.

We put up a few tents:

And by "we" I mean my mom and brother did two, and Cam and my cousin's husband did the other...I was busy with other things.
...make my dad's ribs (freaking amazing deliciousness), and then instructed our guests to bring as much food as they could possibly carry. (Okay not really, but there's always tons of food).

While they put up tents and my mom got the ribs started, I was in the kitchen making a ginormous bowl of chopped salad and all the fixings that go with it. And dishes. I was doing lots of dishes. And then Cam and I ran to the store to grab a few things that were forgotten. So by 3pm (when guests started arriving) I was more than ready for a nap. But I did not nap. By the time the night ended, I surpassed 20,000 steps on my Garmin - only the second time since I got it in February!

I should get better about taking pictures during stuff, but since I'm currently not good at this, here's two thirds of what I made (the third third was a chopped salad):

I tried my hand at tie-dye style this time and they came out pretty cool!
No one was willing to cut into this so I did it. What's the point of making a giant cookie if no one eats it?!
The party was great. What I love about the 4th of July is that it's a good day to have a party where you invite your friends. I mean, we invite pretty much our entire family as well, but we always get lots of friends over too.

I did my best to mingle between family and friends (I even talked to Cam's brother on the phone for 15 minutes!), but I'd just seen most of my friends the day before at the pool party so I spent a bit more time chatting with my family (and following my mom's orders for helping with stuff). By the time people started leaving (it was a slow trickle between 7 and 9) I was ready for bed and decided to skip the fireworks that our friends were going to.

I still got up early today (looks like 6:30 is the new 'sleeping in') and when I got up I washed about 1/3 of the dishes that needed to be done. It was all the large stuff (crock pot and coffee makers and stuff) and I didn't want my mom to have to do it:

And now, I'm off to eat breakfast (left over chopped salad and ribs if there are any...yum!)! I've got a little less than an hour before I leave for Day 3 of my Wild Holiday Weekend Extravaganza because...our gang is going paintballing!

Cam's birthday is on Tuesday so we're gonna go exhaust ourselves with a few hours of welt-making to celebrate. I've only paintballed once, but it's tons of fun. I'm taking an actual camera too, so hopefully I'll be able to snap a few good pictures to document the occasion.

Hopefully after paintball I'll have the energy to put together another post about my weekly workouts, and perhaps a bit about paintball as well. Not sure though. They are posts I would like to do, I just have to find the time! (That, right there, is my personal blogger struggle...I have three things I want to post about, but I have trouble finding time when I'm not falling asleep standing.)

Til then...enjoy your Sunday!


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