Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekly Workout log, 6/29-7/5

Hello there!

I wanted to post about this today before I start an entire new week of workouts! Here's what an almost-typical week of running and lifting looks like for me ('almost' because Cam and I didn't work out on Saturday like we are in the habit of doing):


I talked about it last week (because it was so terrible and hot!) but Mondays are run-days...unless it's today's Monday. The heat, humidity, and some crippling stomach cramps have me sitting this one out. Here are last Monday's splits again:


Tuesdays are leg days! Cam and I hit the gym, and finally started tracking our weights. Here was our leg day workout:

My numbers are in the first three columns (the lighter weight, duh) and his are the last three. I messed up a bit with the hip abduction/adduction because we switch between them...but it really only matters that he and I can understand it. I'm pretty proud of my deadlifts...they're definitely coming along! I'll have 45s on that bar in no time ;)

Also...check out our cutsie notes at the bottom. I have problems adding and am trying to convince my ogre to just tell me how many of which plates he wants on his's still a toss up.

Wednesday is a rest day. I usually make appointments for Wednesdays, and this past one was for a 90-minute massage. It was as wonderful as you think it was (and much needed).


Run day and upper body workout! Here are my run splits:

Nothing special...a bit slow on those last three but I've been kinda tired after work lately.
Annnnd our workout log:

My upper body is so weak. But this is how we fix that! Thursdays are always a mental challenge for's just a long day, and it includes a run and a workout. But we persevere, yes? Yes.


Friday is also a rest day...sometimes I run. This Friday (since it was a holiday) was party number one. Refer to the previous post for details!


My 6 mile run! I also already mentioned this (see that link from Sunday's post again), but here are my splits in case you don't want to click away:

Normally, Saturdays also include a workout. Because we had a party this Saturday, Cam and I did not work out. We actually won't have another Saturday workout until the week after we come back from Idaho but...stay tuned!


Yesterday we went paintballing for Cam's birthday. I'll post about that later because I want to do it justice, but suffice it to say I try to make sure we get at least a little activity...even if it's just walking the 3 miles to and from Starbucks in the morning. But again...paintball post later so check back for that.


And now I'm off! Time to go make a birthday dinner for the (almost) birthday boy - Cam turns 25 tomorrow! Whee!


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