Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Majestik Adventures of C and C...Idaho edition! (Post 1: A super long and photo heavy post)

*peeks in*

Why hello there... can probably guess that I didn't get around to writing anything else while we were in Idaho. Nope, I decided to sleep in with Cam (except on the days I ran), boogey around all day seeing the sights (and knitting or playing board games when we weren't), and then stay up late, sitting on the porch talking to Cam and his grandparents.

Our trip was exceptional. By Saturday evening when we got to the airport we were all in tears (Cam's grandparents and brother dropped us off), and I wished we could have stayed longer.

But let me rewind to where we left off and fill you in on the rest of the week!


After my post on Sunday we did indeed go for that hike! We did the (short) 3 mile loop of a trail called Polecat Gulch (the long loop is 7.5 miles). I brought my phone along and managed to get some decent pictures - I would have taken the camera except I forgot to put a memory card in it before leaving Illinois, so I had to order one off Amazon and it didn't ship until Monday. So, in ascending order...

About 1/2 mile into the trail

Dat narrow trail!

One girl and two mountain men.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Behind those hills you can see Meridian (center and right) and Boise (all the way on the left).
And if you're interested...the actual map of our trail!
The blue is the entire trail, the red is the path we took. And for once, I actually had an elevation gain on my Garmin!

After hiking we went home and showered, and then headed to Brennan's for dinner. Brennan's place was cool because part of the land is a farm so there were ducks:

and chickens:

I swear this one had a vendetta against my feet...she was looking at them a little too longingly...
(and therefore eggs):

and sheep (which I didn't get a picture of because I didn't even see them through the tall grass lining their pen. Brennan also had a great garden that I picked beets and onions and carrots from. He was the only one from the house who actually planted anything (which is weird since he described it as a requirement for living there), but everything I picked was delicious and he's done a great job on his little farm. It's a passion of his, so I'm glad he lives somewhere he can do it!


Monday was a low key day. I went for a run in the morning (up, down, and around Nana and Papa's entire subdivision) and then we just hung out. We ran some errands with N&P, and took Cam's cousin Max along with us. Nana made pulled pork and a variety of salads for dinner that night, and we all just hung out and played some board games.


We got slightly more adventurous on Tuesday and after a quick breakfast at Brennan's we headed into Boise.

Max and myself...notice the Hogwarts shirt he's wearing?! One cool kid, that's why.
Okay, I'm lying. Nothing is ever quick in the morning with these boys, so we didn't get to the city until about 10:00 at which point I was in desperate need of coffee. Brennan took us to a coffee shop called The Flying M, and the coffee was great. There was even a local merchant inside and I got a few small things to send to Hannah.

After our coffee (and a shared cinnamon roll) we took a stroll down the street to a shop Brennan thought I'd like called Dragonfly. He was right - I loved it! I got a gift for Hannah there, and this really cute ring, which I love:

Everywhere I go I look for unique jewelry...there's just something wonderful about getting a piece you know other people don't have, and this ring definitely gave me that feeling! 
After our wandering we head to the Capitol to take a peek in there before lunch. I took this picture of Cam and myself in front of it on Saturday:

It looks very similar to the national Capitol building in DC and the inside was gorgeous:

Pretty sure this was the House Cambers...may have been Senate though.
We wandered around there (Max and I split off to go to the gift shop so I could buy some stuff to send to Hannah in England) and then headed outside to meet Nana and Papa for lunch. Every Tuesday they get lunch from a Mexican food truck - "Miguel's Truck" is what they kept calling it.

I really should have taken a picture, but I didn't. So FYI, on Tuesdays he parks at State and 6th in downtown Boise. If you're in the neighbor hood it's 110% worth it to go there, the line gets long right at noon. I had a homemade version of Taco Bell's Crunch Wrap (that's the best description I can give) and it was 50 times better than that. Cam and Papa had "Idaho" Burritos, which is a ginormous burrito with all the normal fillings+potatoes. Max couldn't finish his (he got a taco+burrito meal), Hen had a vegetarian burrito (I think...might have been chicken) and Nana had steak tacos. Aside from Max, the plates were clean, and everyone was stuffed. So seriously - Miguel's food truck in Boise. If you're there, go. That's not the real name of the truck, but there aren't many Mexican food trucks in Boise so you'll find it.

After that, Cam took Hen to work and Max and I wandered around Boise, went to a board game store, found out there was free moose tracks ice cream being given away down the street (so we went and got some) then found a coffee shop and waited for Cam to get back (then went back to the game store and bought stuff). I got travel Tangoes (a tangrams game), Star Fluxx (we'd played the Zombie one before), and a pack of Magic cards for Max for putting up with us all day. I also found this:

Portable Catan!!! I didn't buy it, but I was verrrrry tempted!
Tuesday ended with dinner at Nana and Papa's. Cam and Brennan played a ton of chess, and then we played Clue with Max and Nana before the boys went home. Cam and I stayed up for a long while chatting with Nana and Papa, and then I headed off to bed - Cam stayed up so he could make an appearance on Brennan's radio show (1-3am on Radio Boise!)


Phew! We made it just about halfway through the week! Hopefully you've found it interesting in some way. I have lots of pictures from camping so to avoid horrendous load times for everyone I'm going to stop here and turn the rest of the trip into a separate post, so be sure to check back.

Peace out, for now!


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