Sunday, July 12, 2015

Struggle Bus

Just a note: I wrote this Saturday on the plane but haven't been able to post it until now (Sunday morning). I didn't want to change anything, so here it is, a day late. Enjoy!

Hello there from the friendly skies! (That's right, I'm writing this post from 34,000 feet above what I expect are the American Great Plains...can't tell cause clouds...):

We're on our way to Idaho after much shuffling of our flight plan. We were supposed to fly from Chicago to Denver very early this morning (5:40) but our flight was delayed (to 6:45), meaning we would miss our connection from Denver to Boise (only a 45 minute layover). So when we got to the airport and through security (and after grabbing some coffee...I *do* have priorities) we went to the gate agent and asked for help switching our flights. 

We're flying United, and the agent who helped us was fantastic. He got us on a 9:00 flight to Seattle, and a 14:20 from Seattle to Boise, though we might be able to snag an earlier flight once we're there.

So all in all, it's working out, and we'll only be a few hours later than planned. AND I got some studying done during our wait this morning, which is great.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

I promise I haven't forgotten that I said I'd write about paintball, but overall this week has been a bit of a bust and I've just been too exhausted (mostly mentally) to put anything together.

Okay, so in reality it hasn't been a bust, it just feels like it because I was really worn down (and have a super low step count for the week...)

Something blew up at work on Tuesday and our (already stressed) department got hit with a July 31st deadline for a bunch of stuff. You're probably thinking that that can't be too bad when it's the beginning of the month, but it's kind of a big deal when there are only 5 of you and two are going on extended PTO. So I decided to actually work overtime this week and got my end of this project under control. In addition to that, however, we have our mid year reviews coming up at work...the deadline for our self-evals is next Friday...which of course meant I had to finish mine by yesterday since I won't be in at all this week. Good news...I did! And in retrospect I am awesome: Bow before me.

Okay, not really, but I hope my manager thinks I'm awesome too.

It was also Cam's birthday on Tuesday, and I can't lie, it really could have been better for him. He got some bad news at work Tuesday morning and it really put a damper on things. That, combined with my 2 hours of OT meant we didn't hit the gym. We just chilled at home and celebrated his birthday by relaxing - it was definitely needed.

On top of that, my running schedule fell apart this week. I was already planning on making adjustments since we head to Idaho tomorrow, and those adjustments went out the window - mostly because of exhaustion and a less-than-great attitude.

In theory, I'd decided to truncate my Monday and Thursday runs to 2 miles each, and then run my 7 miles on Friday. (The reduction in miles was due to both moving up my long run, and a twinge I had for a majority of my run on Saturday.) I was dull on planning to run 7 after work yesterday, even though I knew it would be a time crunch since I still and to pack and take Ned to the vet to get his nails trimmed.

So the theory was two short runs and my long run of 7 miles. What ended up happening was no short runs and 6 miles for my long run.

And they were really f*cking brutal miles.

I capped it at 6 for a variety of reasons, all brought on by the fact that it was incredibly hot. I had to run yesterday because of travelling today, but the only time I could fit in so much running time was to do it at 3:00pm when it's generally hottest. Fortunately, I just got a camelbak water bottle and some shot bloks, and I got them right in time because I probably would have passed oo three miles was a struggle and I switched my run/walk intervals from 5:1 to 430:130 at Mile 2, and then from that to 4:2 around Mile 3. And when I got to Mile 4 I said, "Eff this" because I felt a bit queasy in addition to hot, and decided to sit down in a bench, eat my shot blok, and then continue by walking the next mile instead of running. I felt better when Mile 6 came around and decide to start running again.

Well, my body had other plans. My calves started cramping very twitchy cramps that made my legs buckle. I slowed down and finished my intervals for that mile, but realized it was not a good sign and I needed to go home ASAP. Muscle fatigue and cramping like that is a sign of dehydration and electrolyte loss, and I didn't want to end up with heat exhaustion.

Anyways...I went home and made a disgusting (but effective) "Gatorade" that consisted of a pint of water, the juice of half a lime and half an orange, and about a quarter teaspoon of iodized salt. I only drank about 2/3 of it (it was truly disgusting) but I felt a thousand times better once I had.

So there's the run recap. A bunch of crappy miles and lots of hot. I'm never doing a long run in the afternoon again, I will continue to do them at 7am like I have been! And here are my splits in case you care (I don't have a computer to hook my Garmin up to to update it, so instead I present you with watch pictures):

Anywhoodles, my study schedule also went to hell this week (and a bit last week too). With all the holiday prep and the extra work this week I definitely only studied for a fraction of the time I wanted to. But you know that feeling when you're too exhausted at the end of the day to even lift a book, let alone open it? Yeah...I had that every night the last week and a half. But like I said earlier, we have airports and layovers and today and next Saturday, and I will be utilizing that time as effectively as possible. And although I'm allowing myself to not study when we're in Idaho (I built a week off into my schedule) I think I will try to get an hour or two under my belt throughout the week.

...and all that means I am more than ready to for the next week! I'm excited to spend it with Cam and see his Nana and Grandpa and brother (who I love very dearly). It will be a week well spent for sure!!

Until later...I may be able to post during the week, but for obvious reasons it's not a priority. And I also have a nice camera with me so you can bank on some good pictures to go with the (hopefully) good stories I'll have when we're back! And if you wanna keep up with what we're doing, I'll be tagging any pictures I put on Instagram with #TheMajestikAdventuresOfC&C keep an eye out!


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