Sunday, July 12, 2015

First Day in Boise

Hello everyone and happy Sunday morning!

We got here just fine...the rest of our flight was without upset, and we managed to snag some seats on an earlier flight from Seattle to Boise so we got here right around 2pm. Cam's grandparents picked us up at the airport and we headed to a pretty cool restaurant in Boise to grab something to eat and to meet up with the rest of the family.

The restaurant was in downtown Boise, and it was called Bittercreek Alehouse. They locally source all of their produce (they even buy from the farm Brennan works on!) and as much of their meat as possible, and they have an extensive craft beer menu that includes meads and ciders! I got a BLT that was sooooo scrumptious and a cider that I can't remember the name of (something apricot-honey?) was pretty good.

We got to see Cam's aunt and uncle and cousins there too, and I spent a lot of time talking to his aunt and Hen's girlfriend (obviously it was our first time meeting her!). After dinner we headed out with Hen because we knew he really wanted to spend some time together, and he took us walking around downtown Boise down this place called "Freak Alley"...I think it's like a free-for-all art gallery. I took a selfie of us in front of some raptors to share with you:

Hen, Stephanie, me, and Cam...and those raptors!
I snapped a few other pictures too, but here's my favorite's Jimi Hendrix with a quote from one of his songs, and the entire silhouette was done with mirrors, which is what made it stand out to me:

After Freak Alley we went to a place called Spacebar was so cool! It was a combo of a bar and an old-school arcade. They had tons of old arcade games you could play, and (obviously) a bar. I honestly really wish we had a place like it at home, because it would be so fun to have all those old games to try and beat. They were HARD! I played some Mario and Donkey Kong, as well as a lot of PacMan and Frogger. The versions we have now are way easier to play than the old ones were.

And props to the people at Spacebar, because everything was so well restored and maintained. They also have old gaming systems you can play multi-player games on so we played some Mario Kart-N64, then picked out a card game (it was actually a new electronic version of Taboo), played that for a while, then headed out.

I was so tired at this point...the lack of sleep really caught up with me but we had to wait for Nana and the King (Cam's grandparents) to come get us so we went to watch...

...a bike rally!

They have this race in downtown Boise every year that's pretty well known and popular with US racers. It's called the Twilight Criterium, and we were just in time to see the end of the Women's Pro Circuit, and about an hour of the Men's Pro Circuit. It was so insane because the track is only 1km long (.62 miles) so we saw the racers flying by about every 2 minutes. It was nuts! I grabbed quite a few photos of the men's race...

The guy on the right in green ended up winning!

My phone has this auto-snap feature where you can take a ton of pictures just by holding your finger down on the screen...that's why my face didn't change in these.
It was a pretty cool experience to see this, because I've never seen a professional cycling race. Very fun experience to end the night with.

Cam's grandparents picked us up and we headed back to their house, I didn't end up going to bed until about 11:30 MST (so it was past midnight at home). But the day was well worth it, and I'm excited for whatever we decide to do today... soon as I finish my coffee. I think brunch and a hike are on the schedule but I don't know because Brennan is crazy, and he's the one scheduling our morning for us :P

So off I go, and I will let you know what we eventually get up to...!


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