Sunday, June 28, 2015

Weekly Run (and workout) Recap

Happy Sunday, world!

This will be one whollop of a post since I want to get "caught up" so I can try to start blogging more regularly during the week about what goes on day to day - but I want to back up to a conversation I had a little over a week ago.

Last Friday at work I was talking to the woman who sits behind me (her name is Karen) and mentioned that Cam's brother Brennan called me the day before but I couldn't answer, and then I started telling Karen that Hen always calls at the worst times because I'm always in the middle of something and can't talk. And she just looked at me and said, "Be honest - are you ever not busy?"

Well...the woman has a point. I've now meandered my way through two weeks of training, studying, and persisting in my goal to not work OT. My brain doesn't stop spinning unless I'm asleep (and even then, sometimes not), and I'm seriously wondering how the next few months are going to end up.

I will say, however, that I'm very focused on training. Pretty much everything else (apart from my workload at work) is flexible, but I can't run the half if I haven't trained for it, so that's taking the top spot at the moment.

I got three runs in this week, and my mileage is getting closer to the actual training plan. Last week felt like such a bust (for example, my "long" run was supposed to be 4 miles, but I decided to settle for 5k since that's how long Color in Motion was...and it ended up being only 2.7...#failwhale), so I was determined to do better this week.

Then Monday came around. Monday was a bad weather day...they were predicting terrible storms in the afternoon (when I run) and it was 85 degrees and about 98% humidity. And I was tired and had to cook dinner for 4 people. So when I got home I decided to forgo my 3 mile outdoor run in favor of the elliptical, but with one caveat - I had to exert the same amount of effort I felt I would on a run, for just as long as it would take me to run 3 miles.

So I got on my elliptical, put on an episode of EastEnders, and went to it. After 5 minutes I couldn't believe I had 30 left. after 10 there were still 25...and so on. But I finished all 35 minutes. I'm still not sure how or why, because I just wanted to stop and play with my dogs instead. But I did it.

If you follow me on Instagram you might know that Tuesdays are leg days, which means I don't run on Tuesdays. To me, there is no point running 3 miles and then trying to effectively squat or deadlift - it does nothing but hurt your form or prevent real gains by making you go light on weight (in order to achieve good form). So Tuesday Cam and I did the stationary bike for 10 minutes, then went and turned our legs into jello.

And for this reason (and because I need a day to be able to make appointments after work), Wednesday is also not a run day, so no news there!

Thursday, however, is arm/upper body day, which means it's perfectly suited for a run. I felt pretty good on Thursday, and managed to pump out 3 miles in 34 minutes (and then decided I should just finish our 5k since I was supposed to on Sunday...):

It was a good run. Perhaps because it was drizzling almost the entire time which kept me nice and cool...or perhaps because I finally had the confidence to wear shorts during a run!

Aside: This is a really, really huge thing for me. For a very long time (since I was about 12-13) I just haven't worn shorts. We can talk about body image and confidence and the evils of the media and whatever until the cows come home, but everyone has that one thing they really don't like about their body...and mine is my legs.

But on Sunday during the color run, I was hot. And I thought, 'I'm not sure I can spend all summer running in leggings...' So on Wednesday I stopped at Target and found a pair I felt that maybe I could wear. And on Thursday I put them on and thought I actually looked kinda decent...and decided this was such a momentous occasion that I should take some pictures for the blog before I left for my run:

Sorry it's blurry and the lighting is terrible!

I look half possessed in this one...

annnd post-run, very sweaty selfie:

I feel like that outfit was very well coordinated. So matchy-matchy. was a big deal for me. I purposely brought only those shorts with to Cam's so that I'd have to wear them and couldn't chicken out and wear leggings. And I actually think they looked pretty good! They certainly kept me cooler...which is good news for the rest of the running I have to do in the middle of the afternoon this summer!

Anyways...arm day went well, Fridays I haven't been running, and that just left Saturday's 5 miles to get through.

Ahhh, five miles. Haven't done five since the Cinco de Miler. And I'll admit...I was nervous. Especially because I decided that, as part of my training, I need to try and do my Saturday runs in the morning. On race day, the half starts at 7:00 am. Since this is my first half, I want to aim for race-day conditions as often as possible. Which meant I was up yesterday at 6:30 and started getting ready to go.

I had a glass of water and a protein smoothie (1 scoop vanilla protein powder, 1 cup mixed soy/coconut milk, 1 small banana, 1 tsp cocoa powder, about 2 tsp peanut butter) and read some blogs, then put shoes on my feet, Nigel on a leash, and headed out the door.

I decided on a path that I could loop back home to around 3 miles if Nigel needed it - it's his first run since surgery, and though it wasn't hot out, I wasn't wearing a fur coat. This ended up being a good plan because right around the 2 mile mark he was slowing down, and by 3 miles he looked ready to be done (as did I...). So I dropped him off at home (3.25 miles) and squeezed the remainder of my run in, finishing in just under an hour:

I really, really expected to hate this run. I expected it to be long and hard and want to quit and question why I'd signed up for the half in the first place. But it was a good run. I mean, yes, I was tired at the end, but I didn't feel like I needed to lay in bed all day to recover. That said, I'm still terrified by next Saturday's 6 miles (right before a family party too...eep!), but I think I can do them!

Because it doesn't end there. After my run I quickly showered, had 2nd breakfast, and then headed out for some errands before going to Cam's. And then he and I went to the gym and did a fatigue workout...basically where you do an exercise until you can't do it anymore, rest, and then try again. We started with bench (I benched just the bar while he added some weight) and managed to get 23 reps before I couldn't lift the bar anymore. Then I did 10 push ups (on my knees) and then Cam did his set. Then I went back at it and did 14 bench press reps and 5 push ups. My final set was 11 reps Bench, 3 push ups. We followed it up with higher reps of some other exercises (bicep curls, rear fly, lat pulldowns and tricep pulldowns) and then hit the hot tub.

And boy was I beat. Totally exhausted. We went home, had lunch, and showered, and right when that was finished his parents called to say they were bringing home 66 20-lb bags of rock and needed help unloading.

So we did that too. I hopped in the truck and handed bag after bag to everyone else to pile in front of the house, determined to do nothing else when we finished.

It was a lie.

I studied, then Cam and I went for a walk before dinner (and a movie)

And then I did nothing else.

Because whyyyyyyyy would I want to do anything else after that kind of day?!

And now, I'm enjoying my Sunday, and I'm off to relax for the rest of it. I hope your weekend was just as enjoyable as I found mine!


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