Monday, June 22, 2015

The Zoo (lots of pictures!)

Hello, Blogosphere!

Sorry for not posting during the week! I really wanted to but have not had a computer available to me nearly all week. Cam's laptop stopped working a few weeks ago, and his burgeoning obsession with Starcraft III has meant that I'm left without a computer most nights while he taps away on his keyboard defending whatever in that game...and he came over on Saturday so I resorted to knitting to fill a gap in time when I normally would have blogged. I know, I know, I probably should have studied, but there you go.

It was such a busy week and there is so much to update on...zoos, pageants, and runs, oh my! I'll stick to just a few things here, and save the rest for during the week. Perhaps one post for each day! Yes...that sounds good!


By some great miracle, we managed to have good weather the two days we needed it this weekend (Friday and Sunday). After work on Friday, Cam and I headed to Lincoln Park Zoo to meet my mom and a family friend for the annual Super Zoo Picnic.

Just a quick blurb incase you didn't know: Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo (no admission whatsoever!) and subsists solely on donations from various partners and members. I actually just found out they do a run every year - 2015's has passed, but I think I may just have to participate next year (they even have their own team for the Chicago Marathon!)! LPZ is one of my favorite local causes - my mom took us to LPZ when we were kids because it was so close to our house, and though I have seen and been "WOWed" by other zoos (such as the San Diego Zoo and Colchester Zoo), Lincoln Park Zoo will always be my favorite, and most near and dear to my heart. It occurred to me that it's high time I became a member, so that will also happen before my next visit! And in case you'd like to donate, you can do so here!

Anyways...a lot has changed in the last year! The male lion, Sahar, is now full grown and definitely king of his kingdom:

And last month the zoo acquired two new lionesses (siblings Zalika and Kamali) for the pride and are slowing introducing the two to Sahar:

They were separated for the picnic (the girls outdoors and Sahar inside) but at one point he really, really wanted to go out and join them and you could hear him beating his paw against the metal door of his indoor enclosure.

The snow leopard was also incredibly handsome and entertaining:

He was chasing a bird around his enclosure, and before we knew it he'd climbed to the top of the branch and was staring the bird down as it sat in a tree just outside his enclosure:

Though I always enjoy going to the LPZ, I was really bummed that some of the exhibits weren't open for the picnic. The African adventure was closed during the picnic again this year - there's construction as they redo some of the exhibits on the north end of the park, and normally the African animal house is open during the day, but they've blocked it off for the picnic two years in a row. And this year - for the first time - they closed the Small Mammal and Reptile House and the Children's Zoo during the picnic. I was pretty upset about the Small Mammal house being closed because it's my favorite part of the zoo so I missed seeing some of my favorite animals and exhibits :(

Oh well...guess it just means I'll have to make a day trip in to wander around and see the things I missed!

We did get to see most of the new animals - they've had a lot of additions this year, the new lionesses, a new tiger, the snow leopard, and red pandas) and all of the babies born during the year with the exception of the piglets. There's something very fun and touching about seeing animals mother their young, and Friday's experience was no exception!

I'll leave you with a few more pictures before I go:

I love their grumpy little faces!

Can you spot the baby lemur?!

And finally, regality with stripes:

I didn't realize before this that tigers are solitary! This lovely lady was inside, while the other tiger enjoyed the outdoor exhibit.

I hope you have a great week, and I hope even more that I'll be back soon with another post about the weekend!


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