Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I cannot tell you how determined I am to get more than one measly post up this week.

Yes I can. I am so determined that started typing this last night on a slow and defunct laptop. I have not yet shared this about myself, but I cannot stand slow computers. I blame my ex who introduced me to the wonderful world of gaming PCs. Fast does not come close to describing them. My current desktop PC cost me $1250, and that wasn't including the monitor. But it is speedy and reliable, doubley insured by the sweet solid-state hard drive that has memory for years.

And right now Cam's playing Starcraft on it. I finished studying for the evening and am treating myself to blogging while I wait for him to finish up.

Lately, every day has felt like a sprint, and when strung together it's like one huge marathon. I'm still well beyond busy at work, I've started training for the half, and I'm studying for my first CPCU exam. And the weekends are flying by as well!

I left off with my trip to the zoo - and on Friday night we drove back to Cam's. My mom took my car home because Cam's parents were getting the carpet cleaned and he and I had a bunch of furniture to move on Saturday morning before the cleaner came. So we got up at a decent hour (about 9) and moved the necessary articles to the garage before breakfast. I rustled up some eggs and toast for breakfast, and then we made our way to my house for a quick run before going our separate ways.

My runs lately have been nothing special - I'm down to low mileage since it's the beginning of training, and since I took a few weeks off I've actually been doing less than the plan says on my weekday runs. That will change this week, and there's more to it all, but I'll include all that in my next post about the Color In Motion 5k which should (very hopefully) be up later this week.

Anyways, Saturday. We did our running, showered, and then I sat down to knit while Cam played Starcraft (yes...more of that :P - I honestly don't mind because it allows me to do other things such as...blog or knit or study). He left at about 4 and I got ready to go to the Miss McHenry pageant.

You read that right. I've never ever been to a beauty pageant - I've never even watched one on TV - and I had no idea what to expect, except that my cousin would be one of the girls competing. I thought it would only be an hour or so long, but it ended up lasting over two and a half hours (I think...the end bit blurs together a bit).

It was actually kind of interesting. The girls obviously had to go through some kind of coaching and "Charms" lessons (and not the Harry Potter kind of Charms), which was evident in that they all sat, stood, and walked similarly.

And now's the part where I brag, because though all of the girls looked great and seemed polite and friendly, my cousin totally stole the show, and I'm not just humblebraggin about it. She was incredibly poised and professional, and when she walked out in her evening gown, she exuded elegance.

I was proud of her because she was able to stand (sit, walk, and pose) up there and her demeanor said, "I will represent myself well, but winning this is not what defines me." It was clear that she was happy to be there and had worked hard, and that those things would not change if she lost...which I don't think I can say for every girl there. (But perhaps I'm just being biased...)

It was no surprise - and yet still incredible - when she won. I was excited and nervous for her, it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest, and the time between "First Runner Up" and "Your Miss McHenry Queen for 2015 is..." seemed like almost an eternity. Seriously...they couldn't have read things slower.

But she won. And we celebrated by going to my aunt's for dessert and coffee and watching our little Gracie Goose open an entire kitchen table's worth of gift bags and gift cards and swag.

And before you start wondering too hard - I do, of course, have pictures!

All the girls in their evening gowns - Grace is towards the center in the royal blue dress.
The new Queen! 

And my favorite picture <3 td="">
She totally deserved to win, and she was so gracious about it (see what I did there?). She's going to be busy as a bee for the next year, but I'm sure she'll do it with all the poise and elegance we saw here. It's nuts to think back..she's ten years younger than me and I remember holding her as a baby, being at Disney with her when she was three, being annoyed all through the annoying 7-12 year old phase... and then seeing her now, all growed up.

So that's the first pageant down, and if she decides to do any more I'll probably go to those as well (but we'll see...can't make a habit of this :P).

And now I'm off the girly-girl train. It's time to hit the gym.

But before I go...anyone out there ever been to a pageant or supported someone who was in one? What did you think? I'm not sure it's my cup of tea, but I have no problem being supportive of my family!


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