Monday, June 29, 2015

Hot (and humid) As Sin

Seriously, it's way too wet here.

Even when it's not raining it's *moist*. Damp. Sticky. Gross. My garden loves it:

We have broccoli!!!!!!!!

Look hard enough and you can see an itty-bitty tomato!

...but I could really do without.

And on top of that, today is Monday. Monday. I think, of all my run days (okay, I know, there are only 3-4 of them a week), Monday will be the worst.

First of all, it's Monday. First day back at work after a busy weekend (because all of my weekends are busy), and I feel like I'm always just a little extra sleepy on Mondays because I never manage to get as much sleep as I want Sunday night. Next, it's my first run after my long run. I remember when we were training for Cinco that Tuesday runs were always the hardest, and now my Monday runs are the same. My legs tire out quickly and I just feel a bit more fatigued. And finally, I'm not used to giving up part of my Monday evening for a run. I spent all day waffling about this run...doing the back and forth, 'will I-won't I' in my head, strongly convinced either way at different points during the day.

But when I got home I walked in, looked at Nigel and Stewart and said, "FINE. I'm going to do it. And I will like myself for it afterwards, but I will not like this run. And I will extra not like not taking puppies with me."

(Really, it was just too humid to take them with.)

Speaking didn't feel quite so hot when I got home from work. I actually think it got warmer as I ran. I was even thinking about wearing shorts all day at work and then didn't because it felt cool out so I threw on leggings and a thin, loose fitting tank before heading out.

This, my friends, was a very silly mistake. I swear I almost died. I was very hot, very sweaty, and very drippy when I got home. I was actually having trouble trying to mop the sweat off my nose and chin and ears before it dripped on the floors and sinks (gross, I know).

My route was another thing. Every part of this run tempted me to quit. I've already mentioned that it was hot and humid (but did I? Did I mention the oven like compression of moist air I had to swim-jog through? Oh...I did? Yes well, it was so awful it bears repeating). The skies looked so ominous - really dark to the south, and I couldn't tell which was the storm was going - that I decided to just loop around my neighborhood three times because it's slightly over a mile a pass and I had to do three miles.

Well, that didn't pan out.

I made one loop and started bartering. You know, "Oh, it's so hot, you only have to do two miles..." and I decided I need to make sure I stayed out for three by turning my route into an out-and-back. So after a one mile loop, I ran a mile away from my house before turning around and heading home.

For how hot and dreadful it was, my splits weren't too bad...I stuck with the 5:1 that I've been doing lately:

Like I said before, I was drenched when I got home. It was like all the condensation in the air was materializing on my skin, combined with my own sweat:

I filled my water bottle, peeled off my sweaty running clothes, and jumped in the shower to wash the run off. I was so tired afterwards I probably could have just laid down and fallen asleep, but I got up and made dinner instead (Mexican Lasagna aka Enchilada Casserole, if anyone is interested).

And then I made cookie dough. We have a party coming up this weekend and I will not be doing everything on Friday, darn it! (Cam and I have a pool party to go to instead!)

It's shaping up to be yet another busy week, and now that my evening has wound down and I'm oh so tired, I'm gonna call it quits. Bed early tonight, woohoo!

Have a great evening (or a great Tuesday, if it's Tuesday for you!). Peace out!


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