Friday, June 12, 2015


The number one best thing about Fridays in the summer are shortened hours. My company has what they refer to as "Summer Hours" and every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day we're allowed (and encourage!) to leave 2 hours earlier than normal.

So I've been free since 1, and I have greatly enjoyed it.

But...I have something to admit. I actually wrote a majority of this post last week (it was even titled "June Goals" in the draft because I started it on the 3rd and it was my intention to post such goals), but then I never got around to finishing and posting it. It started off by saying how busy things have been and hopefully they'd slow down this week, yada yada.

Well, they were busy, but they did also slow down a bit. Although, it happened that along with all the busy-ness last week I was sick, and that just added to the need for a weekend, which was then consumed by everything that happened with Nigel.

But is busy. Busier, even, because of the aforementioned shortened Fridays. I'm training on some new stuff this month, will be training others on some stuff this month, and have been working some OT (though I'm greatly trying to avoid that)...all to get ready for the horrific onslaught that will be July. There's a lot of PTO being taken by our department next month (which is huge when you only have 5 people, and one of them is retiring), and hopefully all this hard work will prevent us from seriously floundering during the next few months.

On top of that, my company does a global week of good-deeds and fundraising - and of course I participated in that too. I helped coordinate food drive efforts for my floor:

We decided on a "fill the bag" theme, and handed out brown paper grocery bags for people to take home and fill. Every day this week my cubicle has looked like a hazard zone of non-perishables in paper bags as people drop stuff off.

I decided to raid Costco and buy in bulk.
Great news too! Our floor finished in 4th place out of the 31 floors that participated! We brought in 1,221 items, and I'm really proud of that! It was effort well expended!

All set and ready to go down to the truck!
I also participated in my second bake auction! My company does this bake auction to benefit certain charities, and you can enter whatever you want for it. Last year I made a cake, a giant cookie, and a batch of teddy bear cookies. This year, however, I only had time (and energy, because of being sick) to make the teddy cookies. I decided on a Teddy Bear Picnic theme, and I think it turned out really cute!

All nestled in their cute little basket!
With a little sign too..."Enjoy a Teddy Bear Picnic basket"
The result?

This basket of cookies sold for $725.

Seven hundred twenty-five dollars.

Our CEO was the auctioneer and started getting really into it as the bids went higher!
I was so happy to see the bid go that high. Last year they went for $500 and I thought it was a total fluke (because one of the execs just shouted "$500!" and went unchallenged), so it was NOT something I was expecting this year. Needless to say, I will be making these cookies every year from here on out. They are clearly a good seller, and the woman who organizes it told me I have to keep making them. This year I was able to walk away and say my item had won the highest bid, and that's pretty cool!

That said, I haven't signed up for any other volunteer things that run through the summer or fall, and it will be nice to have a break. I feel bad saying that, but one can only do so much before deciding they need a week-long nap to recover, and I'm at that point!

Other things are not quite slowing down. It's pretty much summer now, which means there are ALL THE THINGS to do before it gets cold again. This entails a trip to the zoo, some fun runs with friends, and lots of outdoor training, combined with gym training as well.

I've actually been fiddling with my training schedule and trying to decide on something for the summer. What I've been doing is running on the days I stay at Cam's, but there's no way that can continue if I want to get into a good weight lifting regimen. I'm honestly having a hard time with this. Perhaps it's because I was sick last week and didn't have the energy, and then everything with Nigel, but things keep getting in the way!

I actually haven't run at all in two weeks. Now, I'm not nervous or bothered by this. I made the conscious decision not to run last week because I felt so awful, but I was still being active before that. Honestly, I felt I needed some time off before I started training for the Half. So I'm back at it tomorrow (I only have like 2 miles on the schedule) and then I'll be adjusting to a 3-4 times a week running schedule, and keeping weight lifting at 2-3 times a week.

I won't lie, right now, this is not how I want things. I'd rather be lifting a bit more, but there's no way I can do that and train for the half. As it looks now, I have 2 weeks of wiggle room worked into the I'll finish training two weeks before the race. And I've decided to combine the mileage on the Higdon plan with some walk/run interval advice from the Galloway plan. I think, given past races, it will be best for me to utilize the walk/run method for the half.

I want to keep weight training though because it was definitely giving me an edge in my running in February. I've also noticed some weakness in my back and posture, as well as some muscular imbalance, and I'd like to even that all out in tandem with running, rather than letting it continue to wreck my stride.

Alas, now I feel I'm getting boring. So moving on!

Because there's still more! I finally had the chance to talk to my new manager (who is amazing!) about beginning my foray into the wonderful world of CPCU testing. That's Chartered Property Casualty Underwriting, for all you non-industry folk. And even I had to look that up. It's a long, 8 test process to certification, and I'm planning on spreading it over the next 4 years (since the certification ceremony for 2019 is in HAWAII!). I ordered the materials for my first exam (Intro to Risk Management), and I've already started studying because I'm hoping to take the exam in early September. Same month as the half! Know what that means?

It means I'm glad we get out early on Fridays and that's the real reason I haven't signed up for any extra things to do at work or home. Because realistically, all of my free time will be going towards training and studying this summer.

And fun. There will be fun, and I know it. But it will certainly be busy as well.

Like tomorrow...Jurassic World (I hope!). I do love me some Chris Pratt ;)

For now, I'm off! I'll get back to you all about that run I'm doing tomorrow...two miles might kill me, but hopefully not. Hopefully we have some nice weather in the morning and I have the best run of my life and just decide to run 13.1 miles to prove that I can.

It's okay if you're laughing at am I!


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