Saturday, June 27, 2015

For real...the Color in Motion 5k!

Let's travel a week back in time, friends! Back to last Saturday, after the pageant, on the eve of the Color In Motion 5k.

...when the two friends who were supposed to go to the race with us decided not to because they hadn't trained. It would have been the first race either of them had done, so I totally get it - I would have been scared into oblivion. But it turns out most people walk color runs! I had no idea because I'd never done one before, but if I had known beforehand I definitely would have tried harder to convince them to come. Like 85% of the people there walked the race, and it would have been totally fine with Cam and I to do the same.

But anyways...Cam and I woke up bright and early on Sunday to leave by 6:45...which ended up being almost 7:00 and got to Wilson Beach in Chicago at about 7:45. We were one beach down the road from where we needed to be (Montrose) but the turn in for the parking lot was hella long for Montrose Beach, so I think we actually saved time by walking over. We went and paid for parking then started following the spattering of people in white "Color In Motion 5k" shirts over to the race start.

Unlike the Cinco De Miler, I had not put in the effort to pick up our race packets ahead of time. The pick up location wasn't convenient, and I didn't think it would take too long once we got to the race site.

Boy was I wrong.

The line for the registration tent was - I kid you not - over 1/4 of a mile long. I haven't done many races so I don't know if this is normal, but it definitely was not like that for the CDM (but perhaps that's because they had multiple days and locations for packet pick up...or it was a smaller race? No idea).

So at 8:05 we got in line and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And used the port-a-potties.

And then waited more.

Here we are, waiting.
We finally got up to the registration and had to pick up 4 packets because I wasn't going to leave our friends' packets behind even though they weren't there - and I'd also paid for 4 extra color pouches. There was a separate (albeit wayyyyy shorter) line for the extra color, but we managed to get a guy handing out shirts to grab us the color packs by saying we didn't care if they were all the same color. So we walked away with our shirts and bibs and 4 blue and 4 green packs of color by 9:15.

We changed into our white shirts:

(Extra terrible picture of me)
...and headed for the corrals. (PS...cotton shirts are HOT! Not doing that again!) We waited in the corral line for about 10 minutes before our wave finally started. We actually ended up at the very, very start of our wave because they ran across with the tape to separate waves right when we were about to cross. So we just stood there like sheep for a few more minutes until they let us go. (Not joking, Cam and I actually 'baa'd' like sheep a few times...:P)

The race started with a blast of orange, and off we went, agreeing to 5 min run/1 min walk intervals.

Not that it matters, but because so many people walked, I don't think we were ever actually passed. There were a few people we leap frogged with throughout the run, but for the most part the crowd was continuously changing because we were running.

I can't even remember the order of the color stations, but by the time we got to the yellow station one of the guys throwing powder said to Cam, "You have too much pink in your beard...I think you need some YELLOW!" And threw a TON of powder over Cam. It was really funny...everywhere we go, someone comments on his beard. I won't lie, I'm very excited for him to trim it because it's starting to suffocate me every time we make kissy-faces, but I will admit it's amusing in its own right.

Anyways, Cam was having asthma problems with all the dust and powder, and I told him we could walk the last mile because of it. I also spent the past week getting back into the swing of things, and by 2 miles a brisk walk sounded way better than running another mile in the sun. So we slowed it down right as my Garmin hit 2 miles, which happened to be just after we ran past the lot that we'd parked in.

Cam asked if I was sure we'd gone two miles, because there was no way we walked a mile from the car to the starting line. He was right (as I suspected) because the course ended up only being 2.7 miles! Cam wanted to pick up the pace for the last quarter mile, so we ran that through to the finish and then grabbed water before heading out.

I have to say, I was really surprised that the course ran short, because both the CDM and Corporate Challenge ran long, so I expected this course to be slightly longer too. Instead, it was almost half a mile short! But were our splits...nothing exciting:

And let's not forget our after pictures ;)

Jeez my hair looks stupid.

I never take kissy-face pictures, but being covered in colored powder just made one seem right :P

Crazy (mad) eyes!
And now a super cute face one.

So overall the run and color throwing parts were fun. The benefactor was the Special Olympics so I'm happy with the cause. I wasn't super impressed with how the run was organized, but you can't win 'em all!

Before the race I was thinking about trying to set the powder color in the shirt so we can wear them over again, but the sweat stains we both had kind of ruined the look I thought we'd get. Instead I'm going to tie-dye them the various colors that the race had...that way we both still have a nice momento from the run and can re-wear our shirts (since not all of the powder washed out). Perhaps there's another "after" photo in the future! (if I remember...I'm so bad about those things!)

And before I go...I'm really excited because last night I discovered a really fun sounding virtual run club that I'm going to give a try... so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Otherwise, I'm out! I'm going to try and do a weekly run-recap tomorrow if I have time...but let's be honest, 4 posts in one week might kill me ;P


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