Sunday, May 3, 2015

Garden Tales and Guacamole

A few weeks ago I mentioned (and Instagrammed!) that we (Cam, Mom, our friend Dan ,and I) got a nice start on our garden. Well, now I'm back to say that I can't wait until next weekend!

Here's what we managed three weeks ago...

First, the prep work! Between the two cars we managed to fit all the soil, manure, and wood, but boy were they weighed down! I couldn't even push the flat bed it was so heavy:

This wasn't even enough...but it was a good start!

Holy. Moly. I never want to go wood shopping with him again. He was so picky!

Just about to start! Here's our "blank canvas"
In the hobby craftsman at work. He was amazing and did a great job...ordered me and Dan around like a pro!

And the finished product!
The only snag we hit during the construction was that we forgot to call JULIE (they're the ones you have to call to check for power/cable/etc lines before you dig). So we altered our plans and did not anchor the bed in with's just sitting there. Might blow away if there's a tornado...but other than that I highly doubt it's going anywhere. Because dirt is h.e.a.v.y.

Next week we'll resume this project. We still have to add a bit more soil and two trellises (in the back corners) but other than that, the frame is complete. There will be chicken wire and netting atop the structure to ward off any curious critters as well (bunnies and squirrels and birdies, oh my!).

After we finish the frame, it will be time to plant! And that is the plan for next Sunday. Many of you are probably aware that next Sunday is Mother's Day in the US, and my mom and brother and I have a great day planned!

We're going for the Best Brunch Ever at a local restaurant called Montarra Grill. It's $37 a head (broseph and I are treating), and worth every penny. They only have their brunch twice a year (Easter and Mother's Day), and I certainly wasn't going to miss it this year.

After brunch, we'll head to the nursery/garden center and pick up all the vegetables for our garden. I have a nice little list to get us started, but there's room for some spur of the moment additions. We've decided to transplant the things we want, instead of growing from seedlings because w don't really have a convenient place to allow for seedling growth around our house. There will be a few seeds that are planted (Scarlet Runner Beans!) but after brunch on Sunday, we will head out and buy plants to stick in the ground. Hopefully next weekend I'll have some pictures to share!

This may all seem very matter-of-fact- but I am so excited that last night I had dreams about huge red peppers and fat, juicy tomatoes growing everywhere I looked. I've definitely got some great winter hobbies (yarn crafting being the main one) but I'm really excited to get a good, active summer hobby going.

Speaking of activity - next weekend isn't just about gardening! It'll been be a bit of a doozy, actually...

There's the gardening on Sunday, and Saturday afternoon I'm child-minding, but the big thing is that Cam and I will be running the Cinco de Miler (with our friend Dan as well)! That's right...we have one week until race day! Five miles to earn some chips and salsa! Cam and I ran our last long-training run (5 miles) yesterday and then we have two shorter runs during the week, then we put ourselves to the test.

Here's the round up of yesterday:
We went to a forest preserve near Cam's to do the run. I wanted to go somewhere unfamiliar to both of us since that's exactly what the race course next week will be. The race starts near Soldier Field, then goes south along the lake and loops back up. As long as it's not super windy (and hopefully the sun is out) it should be a pretty nice run since it's all along the lakefront:
I may have to run to Party City today and buy a sombrero as well...but aside from that...

Overall, I'd say our runs have gone okay. We didn't do a long run last week, but we can both obviously finish 5 miles, so we'll be okay for race day. We're gonna do a run/walk of 1 mile/.1 mile for the race (which is what we did yesterday).

D'aww. Look at us and our shoesies.
I was a bit bummed that it took us over an hour to finish this 5 miles. Two weeks ago when we ran 5 we finished in 59:09, and I was really hoping to have a similar (sub 1:00:00) yesterday. But I suppose this is what we get for skipping three of our last 6 runs...(whoops). Lesson learned!

After this race, I'm not sure we'll be doing any more together this summer. Cam wants to keep running as part of our workout routine, but he doesn't have the same goal as I do (running that half...).

And actually, I think I may be altering my "goal". I still want to do a half, I'm just not sure I want to do the rest of them. Well...okay. So I already did the 5k (Runs for Cookies Virtual in January), and the Cinco de Miler is 5 miles, which is close to a 10k, so I feel like if I get up to 6.2 miles then I've already run a close enough race distance. If I find a 15k/10 mile race that I can run for charity then I will, but I'm not holding my breath. I just don't like paying race fees, which is why I'd only do it for charity.

As for the half...I still have to decide. Again, race fees. BUT...The Oatmeal has a virtual event for their Beat the Blerch, and it has 10k/half/full marathon distances. And LOOK AT ALL THE MERCH IN THE RACE KIT. That's a steal for $45. Maybe I'll just register and do the virtual run as a test run for an actual half. Plus, if I can't find a half I want to do, I'll have it covered anyways!

So many decisions....

Including deciding on a new gym. I'm excited! We'll be making that decision within the weeks after Cam finishes finals, and should be signed up somewhere by June 1st. Here's to hoping!

Anyways, off I go! I've got some yoga to do, then I've got some shopping with my Mom-a-trons and it's off to packet pickup before I head home.

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend, dear reader!


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