Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back at it...and a half!

Holy hell am I sore. But I am happy, so that must count for something!

I apologize for the sporadic nature of my posts lately. I'll spare you the "I've been busy" mumbo jumbo and just get on with it!

It's been a good and eventful week - my American Express will certainly tell you that. Next month's statement will be 100% ridiculous for all the random things that were thrown on it in the past 10 or so days.

First up - plane tickets to Idaho: Yay! It's finally on the horizon! Cam and I are heading to Boise the second week of July (11th-18th) to visit his grandparents and his brother. We are both so excited! I've never been to Idaho (so I get to check another state off the list) but I'm mostly looking forward to a week filled with camping and mountains and the beauty of the great blue yonder. Cam's brother (whose name is Henry Brennan and is referred to by various names...Henry, Hen, Brennan, Henry Brennan, etc) moved to Idaho in November, and likes to send pictures of himself doing fun stuff that I wish I was doing. July is our chance to do those things, and it can't come soon enough!

Next on the Amazing AmEx Bill: Mother's Day Brunch. My brother and I took our mom for brunch at a restaurant called Montara Grill, known in the area for their mouth-watering, prime cut beef. Their brunch has everything from Crème brûlée French Toast, biscuits and gravy, and a variety of morning rolls and muffins, to a seafood platter (scallops!), meatloaf, mac and cheese and pork roast. It costs $37 per person, and is totally worth it. So that's on there.

Thing #3: Entry for 4 into the Illinois Special Olympics Color in Motion 5k! It's a color run, and I've never done a color run, and I convinced Cam and two of our friends (Eric and Sarah) to do it with me. The registration until Monday night was $27.50 (going up to $50 the following day) so I ninjaed that deal. Sarah and I are going to make skirts for it too! Woot! But before you think I'm a super generous friend...they're paying me back for their entry.

Then came the big ones (because plane tickets aren't big...?). I feel as though these are pivotal moments for me in terms of self confidence.

While I was sitting at work on Friday I decided to throw all caution to the wind. I was (still) feeling good and accomplished after the Cinco de Miler...so I put my money where my mouth is and registered for a half.


I spent a few days looking at some different halfs...debating..deciding...and decide I did.

I registered for the Women Rock half marathon in Chicago on September 19th. There are a few races and different race challenges, but I picked the half because in January I said I would. And now I have all summer (123 days) to worry and prepare...eep!


I know to some people out there that's like nothing - done a million of them and whatever. But for me it's pretty big! And it's the one goal I set for myself this year so I want to make it happen, damnit! My mom and Cam promise to be at the finish line, and even my brother implied that he'd try to get the day off for it. So I'll have at least a few people there for me when I collapse at the end!

I decided at the same time to register for the Beat the Blerch virtual race. We all know I just want the swag...but perhaps I'll use that for an "official" 10k? Why not.

And that's not all! One of the things I'm most excited about is that Cam and I finally signed up at a gym! He finished his physics class (and passed! Wooooooooooooooooot!) so I pushed him out the door to the gym on Thursday. We had guest passes for an LA Fitness near his house, and were going to try there and an Anytime Fitness slightly further away. That plan went to pot because we both really, really like the LA Fitness. I wasn't sure because the reviews were kind of iffy (I feel like that happens with every gym...) but we were both very pleasantly surprised, and the membership includes multiclub access so I can go to the one closer to my house as well. We signed up right away, and because I have a love affair with getting American Express points, I put it all on my card...including the recurring monthly payment for our "couples" membership...weird!

We've been twice already (killed our legs on Saturday, as it happens, still hurts to walk) and it's definitely a good fit for us. I'm actually looking forward to going back this evening! Perhaps (hopefully) I'll post some workout details and progress stuff here...Cam and I are focusing on lifting more, and I'm hoping to find a good balance while I train for the half.

The funny thing is, I've got some other ideas for posts, I just really need to get better about posting them. Which means I need to get better about falling asleep right after I eat dinner...and mostly not do that.

I'm hoping to write something up to post again tonight. Maybe writing that down means I will actually do it...but we know how that always goes... ;)


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