Thursday, April 9, 2015

Severe Weather

It rained here today.

A lot.

I read somewhere that we were supposed to get around 1/2 inch. Yeah. That person was off their nut. So off their nut that it had to be a typo.

You see, I woke up at about 2am and heard the rain pounding outside. Then heard it again, pounding away when I got out of bed at 4:30. I then suffered its inconvenience all the way to work, having a mild heart attack the whole way. Seriously, I do not handle inclement driving conditions well, at all. I mean, forgive me for actually wanting to see the road I'm driving on. Or, like, the tail lights of the person in front of me. And don't even get me started on my irrational fear of paralysis, dismemberment, and/or death, if I happen to hydroplane. Thanks, Drivers' Ed.

But I made it to work. And once there, every time the thunder sounded it was like heavy weights being dropped in a weight room.

The rain subsided around 9 or 10, and after that was on and off, on and off, all day. When I walked out to my car (in the parking garage) at 3 it was off. By the time I drove my car out of the parking garage (~3:02) it was on. And then it went off while I was driving to Cam's. And then it dumped on me just before I got to his house. But I guess I shouldn't complain because it was kind enough to turn off again (mostly) as I walked into the house.

This weather. Oh, it's weather alright. And it needs to make up it's mind. Perhaps (preferably) decide for it to be nice and warm and Best Spring.

I'm thinking there's a fat chance of that. Because it's supposed to be nothing shy of horrendous tonight. The sky actually looks nice right peaking through the clouds. The clouds that are blowing by just a little too fast.

Because here round these parts, we're gearing up for some Tornado Weather tonight!

*Confession.* I actually really like tornado weather. I like when it's warm and a bit muggy out, enough that it clings to your skin, but then there's a nice, cool breeze blowing. I like when the sky turns yellowish-green and the wind picks up but it's still warm.

Ahh. Perfection.

Except for the whole tornado possibility thing.

But I'll be inside tonight, if and when the worst strikes - 'cause I'm sittin' here and it's 6:30 and the nastiness was meant to begin at 6 and it hasn't so....yeah. But since we weren't sure when all the badness is/was supposed to start (and Cam ended up working late again), he and I made the Executive Decision to take this week off from running (mostly).

Okay, it's not just because of the weather. I thought it would be a bad idea to do our long run this weekend (Saturday was meant to be 5 miles) because we'll be doing most of the hard labor to start our vegetable garden. We have to buy materials for and construct a raised bed, and I'm assuming that will take most of the day...and spending an hour running is not what either of us will want to do on top of that. So we're modifying. Gardening will be our primary exercise this weekend. And we'll each do a two mile run tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday.

And to make up for my inactivity after work today, I planned out an hour of yoga. I did Sarah Beth's new(er) Detox series (Level 1 and Level 2). I wanted a Vinyasa flow, and that fit the bill. It was a lot of twisting as well, which I think will help with the side stitches I've been having while running. For real though, it was a reminder that I need to work more yoga into my life. I've severely slacked lately because I haven't wanted to get up quite so early. Perhaps I just need more discipline to not sit down right away when I get home from work. Yes...I'll work on that.

Really though, I'm still very disappointed about the whole gym thing. I miss lifting. I miss teh gainz. It helped my shoulder so much when I was constantly doing weights - and by that I mean building on my previous progress by lifting heavier weights with time. Running was also getting easier with lifting - because it's amazing how light your body feels when you've worked your legs by leg pressing 50lbs more than you body weight.

So I'm still dealing with that. I have no real viable solution to the lack of weight lifting without a gym. Not for teh gainz I wantzors. I think we're gonna start playing Ultimate Frisbee though...a town near us has a kind of free meetup group that you can just show up for, so we're considering that once Cam's schedule calms down.

But for now...I'm mourning the loss of a gym I really liked.

Ooh...thunder is starting. I think I might go watch a storm to make myself feel better...


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