Saturday, April 4, 2015

Busy as a bee...

The last two weeks have been pretty busy. After house sitting nothing slowed down - and I even had a long weekend!

One of my best friends, Danielle, has been in town from Germany for a few weeks and I took last Monday (the 30th) off just to hang out with her. That's right, I wrangled a day even though our PTO schedule has been teh ultimate suck for the last two months! We hung out and did a bit of thrifting and other shopping, then made some amazing roasted veggie pizza before heading out for a few drinks with Cam (they had yet to meet). It was a pretty good day, and I'm definitely gonna miss her when she goes back to Germany. But I know I'll see her next spring because Cam and I are planning a little hop across the pond for a few weeks to celebrate his December graduation! So that will be awesome when it comes!

After my three day weekend I had a short work week because I took a half day yesterday. I could call it uneventful, but it really wasn't. Unfortunately I can't exactly say what was eventful about it because this is the interwebs and people can see everything. Suffice it to say I had a lot of meetings for a lot of different things and hopefully things will shake up soon (more than they have been). So we'll see, and I'll share what I can when I can.

Now, on to running.

Last week I reached a turning point with training.

I believe I have officially reached the point where I have no reason not to run my entire 2 mile runs. And within two weeks, I expect to have the same thing to say about my 3 mile runs.

Cam and I are on Week 5 of Hal Higdon's Novice 10k training plan. Last week (Week 4) was the first week when runs went from half mile distances to full miles - and they stay that way for the remainder of the plan. I shall show:

I believe I've mentioned on here before having run two miles consecutively...but I had yet to do it outside. And, well...last week I did. On Tuesday I ran two, walked .1, then ran the last .9. And because I managed that, I realize there is no reason for me not to push myself to run each and every remaining two miler. And no reason not to push myself to get to the point of running each and every one of those three milers.

Now, I skipped my 4 mile run over the weekend. Some sh*t went down and I just wasn't up for it on Saturday, then the weather was beyond crappy on Sunday, and Monday I was chillin' with Danielle, so that 4 mile run never happened.

But on Tuesday as Cam and I were running our 3 and he asked me if I ever run more than one mile at a time. I told him honestly that yes, I run two miles and then have a short walk before finishing out the third. So then on Thursday I got a text that he finished his two miles without stopping! I was so proud of him - even moreso because I didn't run on Thursday. But I was up very early yesterday and ran my two before heading to work for my short day.

Yesterday included a half day at work, lunch with some people who sit near me, a bit of free time with Cam, and a 3 hour shopping excursion for some much needed new clothes. On Monday when I was out with Danielle I bought a red dress. I never wear red because I think it clashes with my skin tone. But I got so many compliments on that dress. I can't even count how many people commented on it. So I decided to see if I could find one or two other dresses to add to the collection. I did (found 2!) and some cute little vesty cardigan things too. Then I dropped a bunch of money at The Body Shop because I feel like my skin has been dripping oil for the last six months and I want to get that under control.

Expensive day? Yes. But very well worth it, and dare I say...necessary.

The last BIG thing that happened this week is kind of a bummer. On Tuesday Cam and I got emails that our gym is closing this week. The location we've been going to is right near Cam's house, but I think it was an expansion experiment for them. They're primarily located in the west Chicago burbs, and this location is a bit further out. They've been there for two years, and attendance always seemed good, but I guess it wasn't enough. We're both really bummed out about it because it was exactly what we needed. Plenty of cardio machines so we never had to wait, and a huge free weights section with multiple weights and again, we never had to wait. From comparing gyms before we know that there's really nothing else in the area that can offer those same things.

We're trying to decide what to do about the summer, and if we should just wait until it starts getting cooler again (now that it seems spring has finally sprung), but it's still a bit disheartening. We spent the last couple of weeks not lifting because of schedule conflicts (Cam's exams and then me dog sitting), and now we don't have a gym. And the worst part is that I started realizing that I'm actually more sore when I'm not I was really excited to get back to it. But I guess not :(

I think we'll just have to find the motivation to do "mini" workouts to hold us over until the fall. We've got plenty of other stuff we can do in the meantime (running, biking, walking, and maybe I can get Mr Stubborn to try some yoga with me), but come colder weather we'll have to find a new home gym for sure!

Anywhoodles...on to the rest of the day! We've got 4.5 miles to get in, and then I'm off to help my mummy get ready for all sorts of Easter plans!

I hope you have a great weekend, and Happy Easter if you celebrate it!


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