Monday, March 23, 2015

Weird and crazy days.

Hello, world!

And extra hello if you live near Chicago and woke up to a nice layer of snow covering everything, and the crappiest roads on this planet.

For real. They were terrible. I have never made the decision to turn around and not go to work, but today I did. I normally start work at 6:30, but by that time this morning I was only about a third of the way to work - and then traffic just stopped. I moved about 300 feet in 25 minutes and realized I was not getting to work anytime before 8. I called Cam and he checked other routes for me, and nothing looked good. So I pulled a U-ey and headed home.

It took about 10 minutes to get through this intersection, and I waited on the other side for about 15 before deciding to turn around.
Well, I kind of headed home. I'm actually house/dog sitting this week. Believe it or not, that added a huge amount of stress to this morning's failed commute. Driving to work in a snow storm is bad enough, driving a route you're not used to (that has some crazy new traffic patterns) is anxiety inducing. Deciding to turn around and head home was a relief....but then I still had to drive home. I went to my house to get some things I needed, and then back to the house I'm at this week. Doing this also gave me a relatively flat ride rather than the hills I would have encountered otherwise. My poor little Toyota struggled a lot today. I've been driving in the snow for 11 years, but today was something else. The roads were absolutely terrible - really, really bad. I don't like driving in inclement weather, so by about 6:00 this morning I was already done with the day. One of the radio announcers said something like, "I know this really sucks, but it's just for today, then it's supposed to all melt and it'll warm up." That made me feel good for about twenty seconds, but then it didn't stop snowing so I stopped feeling good.

And that is why I hate snow.

It looks so innocent, doesn't it?
It's still snowing now, almost four hours later, and it's not supposed to stop until noon. When I called my manager to say I wasn't coming in I mentioned that I'd keep an eye on google maps and maybe come in for a half day. But...probably not gonna happen. I normally leave work at 3, and going in at noon means working until 4 so....nope.

Today will instead be a day of Netflix, blogging, nail painting, and yoga.

Which means it won't suck! And you know what else didn't suck?!

The weekend.

It was awesome. The moe. show on Saturday was really, really great. It was basically 4 hours of non stop music and dancing. We had rail space too (right in front of the stage along the rail) and managed not to get squeezed out for the entire show. The whole thing was like a combination light and music show. I put a few pictures on Instagram (and a video too) but they just didn't do any of it justice:

Rob, the bassist, was probably my favorite part of the show. He was just!
The cool thing about the jam-band deal is what my friend called "Dirty Segs" which are these crazy segues between songs and that then go back to previously played songs. Cam and I were talking about it Sunday. I told him it felt like I was being tricked...their segues were so smooth that you didn't realize they were leading you into another song until you were almost there, and then they'd wrap it back into the first song. But that wrap back would happen 20 minutes after the first song had started, when you'd totally forgotten they'd been playing that song originally. Including the intermission, there were only 4 or 5 breaks in the entire show. So it wasn't like a normal concert where you get 3-4 minutes of action then a break then another song and then intermission and then the next set. So when I say they played for 90 minutes straight at one point, I actually mean that.

It was an experience. I told Cam I felt like, between the lights and the music, I was listening to and watching a river flowing inside my brain. And though there are plenty of people who imbibe all sorts of stuff before these shows, I can honestly tell you I did not! You may not believe me now that I've said I felt like I watched a river flow through my head, but it's the truth! It was like nothing I've ever experienced. And they're coming back to Chicago in July so we're thinking about going again. Don't get me wrong, I was exhausted after staying up that late. It was a struggle to get to that point, and I felt like falling asleep standing up...but it was great. 10 out of 10 would do again!

But if you saw my moe. post, you'll understand just how exhausted I was! I even managed to hit 20,000 steps in a day (because of the 4 mile run and concert combo)!


We got home at 3 at immediately went to bed, but I was up at 8:15, unable to fall back asleep. This was only bad news because Cam had a work thing last night that we needed to stay up for. So, though I really wished I could fall asleep around 3pm, we headed to Medieval Times...

...where I ran into my cousin and her family (including my uncle, here from California)! They were there for my little cousin Anna's birthday. The show was good (usually is) but I was dead tired at the end and ready to head home.

So though today is an unexpected day off, I'd say it's pretty well needed. Just putting it all into words has made me tired again! I'm going to have to milk it though, because tomorrow work will be nuts. I'm not sure if everyone made it in, but if not, we'll be pretty slammed.

I better get off this thing and enjoy the time to myself, huh?!

Good day to you all, and I'll be back when the snow has melted (again)!


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