Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tired everything

I have good news today...

I met my step goal Sunday!

You can also see that I extended the tally so I can keep track for the whole month. I'm excited to see when I hit 200k, and perhaps (hopefully!) even 300! I like that this challenge has made me more conscious of how much I move during the day, and that I need to get up and walk around a bit more.

But the goal is progress, not perfection. Today, for example, was far from perfect. The day is over and I'm getting ready to fall asleep, and I've barely crested 5,200 steps. It was a bad walking day - I had a lunch meeting so I didn't get to walk around like I've been doing, and I had a massage after work (90 minutes!) so there went most of the evening's free time. Oh happens! The goal is for the lack of stepping to not be a trend.

The weather has been crazy nice around here. Yesterday, I wore leggings (without sweatpants over them!) - and for the last two days I haven't worn a jacket! The 37 degrees that felt so unbearable in the fall is now leggings and sweatshirt weather. Fantastic. It's nice to be able to get outside to walk at lunch, or with the dogs when I get home.

I've also had two runs since I last posted. (Remember that last post...right before my run on Saturday?) Saturday's run was my first one outside in quite a while. My pace was much slower. By over a minute (you can see the comparison in these screen shots from my Garmin (hah! I can say that now!):

Saturday's outdoor run.
(I want to get this post up, so I'll be putting up the second Garmin screenshot in the wee hours of the morning. The Garmin app doesn't work with my netbook so I have to do it on the program on my computer...downstairs...far away from my comfy bed...) And here it is!

I don't know whether it was the much slower pace, or the nice weather, or my legs not being so fatigued (or perhaps darn Daylight Savings!) but Saturday's run was way easier than yesterday's. On Monday I felt like I'd been hit by a truck - yesterday I was still sore but my run was hard. It was a bit stuffy in the gym too - I can tell we're going to be stuck at that too-cold-outside-too-hot-inside zone for a while - and I felt like I was working very hard. I had decided after Saturday that to help my pace outside I would put the treadmill at a tiny incline. So yesterday I ran 1/2 a mile at a 1.0 incline and then had to drop it down to 0.0 because I knew my lungs were working too hard and my legs were burning. I tried to keep my pace treadmill-normal (that's 5.7 for me) but I had to drop that down to 5.5 for the last 1.5 miles. And I still struggled through that last 1.5 miles.

I have to say, runs like yesterday's are the runs that make me not like running. Saturday's run went really well, and then yesterday, on a treadmill, I felt like dying. I just do not understand this! I will say I felt very tired and sore after Saturday's run, and some of that persisted through yesterday. I wish I could blame something like elevation or wind resistance, but the truth is that it is very flat where I live, and the weather on Saturday was perfect, with just a slight breeze from the west. So who knows.

After that super-difficult two point five miles yesterday, Cam and I proceeded with leg day. Ugh. Leg day. It was tough, and he put on his Mean Trainer Cam hat to boot.

Now, I'm not one to gymscrimate, and I fully believe you should do what works for you, but while turning our legs into noodles, we saw a bro who clearly doesn't know what leg day is, and I persevered because this gentleman reminded me that you should never skip leg day:
Yeah. That guy. He's why we don't skip leg day.

Don't get me wrong - I will never have legs that skinny. I don't say it to self-shame, I say it because it's true. If I stopped working them, they wouldn't get skinny. I actually measured my calf the other day because I need to buy new boots (after season sales, maybe?) but omg. My calves are huge. Like...17.5 inches huge. Do they make extra-wide calf boots? If not, let's hope running can bring that size down just a smidge.

But again, progress, not perfection. And no expectations of shrinking calves :P

Okay, I'm falling asleep over here so it's time to call it a night! I hope you have a fantastic Thursday and I'll get back to you all sometime soon!



...and just an FYI, I got an Instagram a while back and I'm trying to be more active on it. It's mostly just pictures of my dogs an hamsters, and some nummy noshes to, but if you're so inclined you can head over there and follow me! Here's the link again.

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