Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The things we do for a good cause...

I figured it's about time I actually posted for you poor people about the Polar Plunge!

It was actually - dare I say it - fun! All the anticipation and camaraderie made for a good time - and it didn't hurt that the concession place for the event was selling alcohol. About an hour before the plunge (11:00 am) I did something I never do...I got a spiked hot cider. It had rum in it, and I swear that made all the difference for me. It warmed me up more than coffee, and kept me warm straight up until we jumped in the water! 

My mom went, and between the two of us we got some not-so-bad pictures!

Cam and I before our icy plunge!
You can't see my costume in this picture, but our team decided to dress like Smurfs, hence Cam's blue shirt and red hat (he was Papa Smurf). I was Smurfette!

I actually dyed the shirts (and my leggings!) myself because I couldn't find shirts that were the "right" blue. You'll see in the following pics that the rest of our team didn't care (lol, costumes were poorly planned) but I really think ours turned out great. I even knit hats for us because normal sized cheap-o beanies don't tend to fit Cam's big ol' head ;)

Here are the rest of the pics! Enjoy!

Lining up to meet our destiny!

In we go!!

My cousin said the look on my face says it all :P

This is my "I'm so cold take the picture so I can get these clothes off!" face. And no! Cam's beard is not iced, we painted it white for his costume :)

This is the time where I say crazy things: The plunge itself was not so bad. It was like 22* on Sunday, but the water was warmer (something like 35* has to be at least 33* to plunge). Because the water was warmer than the air, jumping in, though cold and shocking, was not as bad as getting out.

Don't get me wrong! My body's FIRST instinct was to GTFO the water. I literally went in, dunked my head (because that's the way to really do it!) and clambered out. But the air was so.cold. on my wet clothed skin! I just wanted to tear my clothes off and wrap myself in a towel ASAP. Unlike my insane boyfriend who actually *enjoyed* this whole event...after taking this picture he said, "It's actually not that bad!" and started proposing plans for next year's plunge. 


But back to what I was saying - the jumping in, not so bad. The getting out and numbing! There were people in the changing tent (like the woman next to me) who were in a kind of euphoric, drunk-like state. The woman next to me couldn't stand up and kept falling into me. Trying to get the dress I was wearing off was epically hard because it was cotton (no stretch), kept sticking to the shirt and leggings underneath, and with the woman falling into me (and my numbed legs trying not to shake) it was quite difficult. At one point I offered to go get her help because I wasn't sure she was okay. But after she got dressed she seemed better.

When I finally got changed I realized my mistake of not bringing a second pair of shoes (I know, stupid) and went to find my mom and Cam. On the shuttle back to our car I wrapped my feet in a towel, and when we got to the car I blasted the heat on my feet to warm them up.

So overall, as I said...not too bad. The waiting outside was cold, the water was cold, but the changing was the worst part, and also not horrendous. I also managed to raise almost $350, which is pretty cool. And yes, Cam and I have already talked about next year, so it looks like this might be happening again (hopefully with some engagement from our friends as well!).

Other than that, things are just plodding along. I bought a book last week that's started a whole new Spring/Summer challenge for me, but I'll hold off on that post for a few days.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Donations are accepted until May 1st, so if this story has shocked and amused you, maybe you'll consider donating! Here's the link :)

Have any of you ever done a cold water challenge? This was my first - I didn't even do the Ice Bucket Challenge this summer (no one challenged me...though I have other thoughts on it...). It turns out that the Polar Plunge started in Illinois because the Special Olympics did. I think that's pretty cool! Would you ever consider doing a challenge like this? Do you think we're crazy?!

Comment and let me know - I'd love to hear!


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