Saturday, March 21, 2015

My So-Called Step Obsession

I need someone to shake some sense and motivation into me. Something about this week, I just have not cared!

Maybe it's the dip in temperature? I do love to blame things on the weather!

A few days ago I was going to post about my "Step Obsession", but even that has waned this week. I was actually really surprised that I officially hit 200,000 steps in March yesterday (3/20, right on target). Like...really surprised. And I know it's only because of running, but I completely skipped my 2 miler on Thursday, and had only been averaging about 6,000 steps a day for the few days before that. Here's my total from 1:00pm today:

208,684! I can deal with that.

Now, even though I haven't been step-nuts lately, I can give you a step count for many of the things I do during the (week) day.

And I'm going to, even though I haven't been stepping as much. You might ask why I counted these things - and the answer is that it helps to know how quickly I can add steps to my day just by doing certain things a little differently, and is basically what I have done to convince myself to "take the long way" sometimes. So here goes:

Taking the stairs to/from my floor (5th) at work: 100 steps each way

Walking to the bathroom/kitchen: 20/25 steps (respectively)

Walking around my floor at work: 200 steps

Taking the stairs down to the cafe (cafe=coffee) and elevator up: 300 steps

One lap around the office building outside (we have a track): 1,446 steps

I won't lie - I hate taking the stairs at work. I don't like being out of breath and getting that hot-but-not-quite-sweaty feeling when I get back to my desk. So I generally take the stairs down, and the elevator up. Yeah, that's right, I don't climb the stairs like a good little healthy person!

I mentioned a while ago that I have a hard time getting up from my desk to walk around. I'll be honest, unless my bladder is about to explode or my mouth feels like the Sahara desert, I don't want to get up from my desk. I'm still trying to remedy this, and what I do to add steps to my day is that I have increased my inefficiency. I will go to the bathroom, go back to my desk and get my water bottle, go fill my water bottle, and then take the "long" way back to my desk by walking around the floor. And I've been trying very consciously to do this every hour. How do I excuse it? I drink enough water that I have to pee every hour. Yup, that's what it's come down to. Forced bathroom breaks.

Sorry if that's TMI.

I also park about as far away from the office as I can. I legitimately loathe this. Cam always parks in the back of parking lots because he likes to be away from other cars that may dent his, and I'm always complaining about it. Welp, now I've joined him in being a far-away-parker. And I still don't like it.

Speaking of Cam, we have a very busy evening! He had to work today (I hate when he has to work on Saturdays *pout*) and pretty much right when he gets home we have to run our 4 miler, shower, slurp down some of the soup I have on the stove, and then leave to get our friends and head to the city.

Why, you may ask?

We're going to a concert tonight - it's been long in the plans, and I'm so excited that the day is finally here! The band we're seeing is moe. a jam band that one of our friends is completely obsessed with. Because he loves them so much, there's always a lot of talk about moe. and it gets put on a lot while we're playing board games (not to mention he has like a years worth of moe. t-shirts and is always wearing one). At first I was kinda 'eh' about it, but now I definitely dig them. They've done a slew of concerts in Wisconsin and Chicago over the last few days and our friend has gone to every show, but this is the only one the rest of us can make it to. So it's going to be a good (long) night, but I'm stoked.

Don't get me wrong - the 4 mile run may kill exhaust me, but I've been waiting for this for too long not to enjoy it. And I also got a full 8 hours of sleep last night - according to experts that means I can conquer the world today and still stay up late, right?


Okay, so it'll probably be harder than that but... I get a t-shirt! Because I'm gonna buy one.

I can stay awake for that.

Well, let's just see if I'm still alive tomorrow. Perhaps I will alert you all by posting so here. If not...maybe you can catch snippets of my downfall on Instagram.



  1. Amy Simpson9.4.15

    I can relate to the step count mania. The other night, I really wanted to hit that 20,000 mark. So I stood beside my bed and jogged on the spot for 1,400 steps. The funny thing is, I'm not sure if I'm proud or embarrassed... :)

  2. I totally understand that! I've definitely walked around the same room 100 times just to get my steps in! :P