Friday, March 6, 2015

I was promised WARM!

It is not warm today.

That's exactly what I was thinking as I walked from my car (parked extra far back in the parking garage so I can get extra steps) to the office today.

Apparently we're supposed to get some amazing weather the next few days, and it's all anyone can talk about:

Fifty?! We're going to see a high of FIFTY?! My cold, frozen little midwesterner toes can't believe it.

That said, I don't trust 10 day forecasts at all. I'll believe it when I feel it! (And then hopefully it never goes away...)

Also, it was -2 when I got to work this morning (6:30). You'd think this nice weather that's promised could stick it's head around the corner just a little early? But no. And I won't hedge my bets that it will happen!

Except that I am planning on an outdoor run tomorrow. What I'd really like is an outdoor bike ride, but the likelihood of that is slim since there's so much snow that needs to melt. So I'm planning on taking my three miler to the road instead.

I haven't run outside in weeks now - since before I got my Garmin - so I'm looking forward to it. And I'm really looking forward to taking Nigel out with me. I know he likes to get out and away from Stewart.

Although on Wednesday, since I was trying to get my steps in, I took them both out. Unfortunately they're both a bit leash aggressive around other dogs. I can handle one of them just fine, but with both of them together it is too difficult to try to get them to focus on me instead of whatever is triggering their barking...and they outweigh me! I once got pulled clear across a bike path, and that's when I stopped walking them together. So they got walked separately!

Stew-boo...sometimes he's well behaved!
You'll notice he elected to sit in the snow instead of on the sidewalk. Weirdo. I made him wear his sweater because it was just a little too nippy out. Nigel doesn't need a sweater because he is dog-bear.

Speaking of the Step Challenge, I've been doing pretty well! Here's the log I've been keeping...I know there's a way to do this digitally, but I love how the pen on paper looks, so I keep track manually:

The (R) means it was a run day.

I only went up to March 10th because my goal was 10,000 steps a day, so I should have that achieved by the 10th. But I think I'm going to extend it and keep track for the whole month because it'll be pretty cool to see how many steps I took in a month, especially since I've been putting in the effort and want to keep myself above that 10k a day.

Also, that surprise I got for Cam? It was a FitBit Zip! I really wanted him to do the challenge with me and that's how I decided to show him I wanted him to do it. He loves the FitBit, and updating me on his steps throughout the day. He's beaten me pretty much every day (as expected) but he does a ton of walking around at work, and has told me that he takes the long-way to do everything.

I'm only a little jealous...

That's what I'm really struggling with! Getting steps in at work is difficult, physically and mentally. I work in production and have to make a real effort to stop what I'm doing and get up from my desk and walk around the floor. I totally have a 'don't-get-up-until-you're-done-with-this-task' complex, and it means my watch ends up telling me to "Move!" just about every hour. I can think of it in terms of steps (like on the days I run it's not a big deal because I know I'll still break 10k steps after my run) but then the future-focused part of my brain chimes in and reminds me that it's better for your cardiovascular system if you get up and move more frequently.

So I'm still working on that. Afterall, though my job is important, it's not worth shortening my life for!

Also - landmark! I had 2 miles on my running schedule yesterday. I've been consistent with my running, but I tend to do a 10:1 (run:walk), and that's what I was planning to do yesterday. But as I neared that first mile I started thinking about the race I'm doing in May. It's 5 miles (the CincoDeMiler!!!) and realized that if I want to run the entire race, I need to be able to string a few miles together first.

So I ran those two miles. Both of them. I felt great up until 1.5, and then it got harder, but I made it to the end! And I was pretty proud of myself for it too. As I mentioned, I have 3 on for tomorrow, and I plan to 10:1 that, but I will try to push myself through the first 1.5 if I feel good. It's all about adapting, and that's how I'm gonna do it!

I'm looking forward to seeing what my outdoor mile time is as well. I've been running between 10:20 and 10:30/mile on the treadmill (yesterday was done at 10:20), so it'll be interesting to compare to outdoor running. I'm also excited to finally calibrate my footpod to my stride. Garmin suggests you run 300 meters outside to do this, and since I haven't done that yet it's a bit off on the treadmill. Or it could be the treadmill. I need to look into that!

It's time for me to peace out...I'm really looking forward to chilling out this weekend and getting some stuff done around the house, and despite what I say, I'm also looking forward to this warmer weather we're supposed to be getting.

If you don't hear from me, have a great weekend! Hopefully you'll hear from me on Monday!



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