Sunday, February 15, 2015

New shoos!

Everything seems to be a multi-stop journey lately! Even these new shoes!

A little over a week ago Cam and I headed over to New Balance to pick up new running shoes (sorely needed for both of us!). I've been wearing New Balance shoes for ages - they seem to be the only shoes that are really good for me because I have wide feet with high arches. As for Cam, New Balance meets the criteria of actually selling his shoe size (16 or something). Yay for weird sized feet.

We also had a coupon that was weather based. 10% off your order for the coupon, 15% if it was below freezing, 20% if it was below 0. We planned our trip for the coldest day of the week and lucked out - the "feels like" was -2. Score! 20% off, and we bought tek socks too, so we saved like $65 in the end. the picture of my new shoes above, you can also see my old shoes:

I have no idea how many miles I put on them in the last one and a half-ish years, but I've used them for way more than just running. They used to be the shoes I wore to work to do massage, I wore them for running, and they were my out-and-about gym shoes as well.

My old shoes were 860s, but this time when we went to NB, since we wanted shoes specifically for running, both of us did the free gait analysis. I've had some issues with my left knee bothering me while seated (never while running, though sometimes right after) and I really wondered if maybe my footwear choices (mostly flats at work) were contributing to this problem.

The gait analysis (done on a treadmill without shoes on) showed that my left foot pronated much more than my right while running. I tried both the 860s and 1260s, and the 1260s felt way more supportive and comfortable. I hopped back on the treadmill in the store for a few minutes and running in the 1260s felt way better than the 860s. I could feel the difference it made in my stride all the way up my leg.

The only problem is that the only 1260s they had in-store were pink.

And I hate pink. Really, really, really hate it. For me, not having pink is a serious thing.

So I ordered the blue ones, and we went on our merry way, with assurances that my shoes would be in within a week.

I got a call two days later that they were in, and didn't have a chance to pick them up for a few more days. I didn't get to run in them until this past Thursday - I had 2 miles on the schedule, which seemed like a good distance to start breaking in some new shoes, and I had my old ones with me in case I needed to change.

I finished my run - note: I actually ran 2 miles straight, which has not happened for a loooooooong time!!! Yay!!!) - and my left quads felt really crampy and sore. I was kind of sad, because my feet felt fine. But I stretched, felt okay, and finished an upper body weight workout with Cam. As I was coming out of the locker room after our workout (with my old shoes on my feet to wear into the slushy parking lot) I looked down at the shoes in my hand and realized I was not holding 1260s. I was holding 860s.

The wrong shoes.

When I picked them up initially, the girl brought them out and opened the box and they looked like the 1260s on the shelf (blue and purple) and my order form was in the box. It hadn't actually occurred to me to check the number on the shoes! I checked my receipt, which definitely said I'd paid for 1260s (fyi, the price difference before discount and tax is like $40). And I'd already run 2 miles. Whoops.

But I called New Balance and they were great - they just told me to bring them in and exchanged them, no hassles.

So I had my first run in the 1260s yesterday. It was 2.5 miles - intervals of walk .1 miles, run .9 miles twice, walked .1, then I ran from 2.1 to 2.6.

Holy wow, shoes make a difference. Even though the run was longer, I had no issues with my knee or quads at all. My legs were super tired yesterday and the run felt "hard" but nothing hurt. And yesterday was also leg day. But today...nothing hurts! So it looks like the shoes may have been the trick!

I'm one happy camper. I also ordered another long-considered running toy today. I've been a little back and forth on it because it was a bit of an investment, but I'm excited to get it and try it out next weekend (after which point I will reveal what it is)! Next weekend should be interesting...I really hope it's not super cold again, because I'm going away to a cabin with friends and I really don't want to have to forgo a run because of the weather. I will run outside in 20 degree weather, but if it goes below that I nope out for the treadmill.

But...I will cross the bridge when I come to it (which is my general approach with the weather).

Alright, off I go! Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


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