Thursday, February 12, 2015


Everything is nuts right now.

Nothing about this week has been normal. But I wanted to take a second to put this up. If you have heard about Kayla, if you have been moved by her story, please consider donating to this fund.

Indiegogo fund for Kayla J Mueller, organized by STAND

Kayla and I met during college as part of STAND, a student-led genocide prevention organization. I've helped set up this fund and can personally vouch for our intentions, and that the money will go to a good place. All donations will be given to Kayla's parents to be deposited in a fund they are establishing in Kayla's memory to aid Syrian refugees.

Anything, large or small, is so welcome. 

And if you have been moved by Kayla's story, if you feel the need to do something and you want to know what to do...just be good. Be kind and compassionate. Learn, and use that knowledge to love and help people. Those are the things Kayla would want.



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