Thursday, February 26, 2015

A weekend away and gadgetry!

I am longingly daydreaming of summer time bike rides with Cam. Just thinking about cruising down a sunny bike path, wind whipping through my helmet, stopping for lunch at a path-side restaurant (completely neglecting the heat that comes with summer, but oh well...)...

...oh the day dreams. One day - soon!!! - I'll do that and have pictures to share with you. But for now, Chicagoland remains snowy cold - though no longer below zero bitter! I even had the pleasure of brushing my car off at 5:45 this morning.

And instead of a bike ride, Cam and I are planning to Polar Plunge this Sunday.

Yeah, don't ask. I don't even know why I signed us up. But we've raised a tidy sum (over $300!), so that's good news! Link here if you'd like to donate :)

I have also suffered through my second illness this season. I suppose I've lucked out quite a bit over the last few years and haven't had to deal with all the germs an office brings, but this year I've been twice-blessed.

Last week Cam thought he was getting sick (surprise, he did) and was wonderful enough to share his cold with me. By the time weekend came we were both nasally sounding and coughing up lots of pleasant junk from our lungs. Unfortunately this illness collided with our plans for a weekend away with our friends - but since such fun comes only once a year (so far) we both rallied through it and had an awesome time.

Overall, it was a great weekend filled with friends, fun, and food (homemade pizza, buffalo chicken dip, amazing BBQ shredded chicken sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and enough junk food to last a year...just to name a few things). And let's not forget the libations. There were libations like we were in a Dionysian cult. We almost slept through Saturday night (due to a much needed but poorly timed nap session) - but the night ended well into the morning, as we were up playing Catch Phrase! until almost 4:30. It made for a difficult Sunday, but no regrets at all.

And on top of all that...I know last week I promised to share about the running gadget I got. I was hoping to have a chance to really use it over the weekend, but because I was sick I wasn't going to go for a run on the icy roads of Wisconsin. What is it, you ask?

A Garmin Forerunner 15!
(stock photo from John Lewis)
This is the same model I got - the "Large" blue version. If you know me (or read my post about the shoes) you know that I'm all about the blue.

I haven't had nearly enough time to test out all the functions. As a matter of fact, I've only actually been wearing it for about a week now. I purchased both the heart rate monitor and the footpod along with the watch, and I'm glad I did. Though I haven't had a chance to try out the GPS functions, my run on the treadmill on Tuesday allowed me to try out the heart rate monitor and footpod for an indoor workout, and it was great. That said, I'm having trouble getting the unit to connect to my computer at the moment (I haven't tried my real computer yet, just my work comp and luck) so I'll hold off on a more detailed post until I can put up a screen shot.

Thus far, my favorite aspect of the watch is the step counter. It's pretty accurate (I've counted 200 or so steps around the office a few times and watched the unit update accurately) and I love seeing my step count increase throughout the day. Kind of. At work, not so much, but any other time it's awesome!

The watch comes with a pre-set goal (it was something like 7500 when I first unboxed it) and that goal adjusts based on whether or not you met the previous day's goal.

I'll be honest, I haven't come anywhere near the Garmin's step goal on the days I've been at work (and haven't run). Over the weekend I blew past the 7k-something goal with ease, and when I ran on Tuesday it put my count over 12,000, but on work days it really hugs tight to the 4500 mark. So reaching the step goal each day is definitely something I need to work on. My company does a step challenge in the summer, and I really want to participate, but I also want to start getting used to the extra steps sooner, rather than later.

And lo and behold - I'm reading blogs today and Lindsay at Happy Herbivore has created a 100,000 Steps Challenge for March. Awesome. That's that signed up for!

So anyways, about this "watch". I'll just go with the step thing since I haven't had a chance to do a proper outdoor run using the GPS. It sets a goal for you each day for steps. When I first got it the goal was around 7500 (as mentioned). My goal for today is slightly less than that:

And if you don't get your steps in (at least 200 an hour)? It gets mad:

I've been sitting down too long! Hazards of eating lunch at your desk, I guess.

Brb guys.

Woot, lunch time walking. I wanted to make sure I was half way past Garmin's goal for today. But for the step challenge, I'd like to get 10k in a day. Given that I'm struggling to get 7k on non-workout workdays, I feel like this is an adequate challenge.

So that's the step challenge and goals for it. I told Cam about it to because his job is basically walking around all day, and I think it'll be a fun little competition for us to have (even though I'm sure he'll smoke me in it). I also have a surprise for him...and I should have it by Sunday (just in time!).

Alright, I'm off. I've got a busy weekend ahead, but there should be some pictures from the Polar Plunge for me to put up sometime after Sunday. And I'll try for an outdoor run sometime soon so I can report back on all these fun Forerunner 15 functions! And mayyyybe (if I remember!) I'll post a pic-a-day of my step goal before I head to bed each night. Try and keep me accountable or whatever...



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