Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Saturday, world!

Hello, Blog-World.

I'm off to see Paddington in a bit (yayyyyyyyy childhood memories!) but I really wanted to tell you about the incredibly ironic week I've had.

Go figure that as soon as I resolve to work on the things that annoy me, the Universe and Powers-that-Be seemed to take it as a challenge to cause me as much frustration as possible. I kid you not, Thursday and Friday bordered on unbearable.

Let me back up - I've been sick for over two weeks. On Wednesday, January 7th, as the day progressed, that sickly scratch climbed up my throat, and I found  myself reaching for the cough drops by dinner time. Of course, after dinner was two hours of Battle House laser tag, and there was no way I was going to let some little cold keep me from kicking butt in battle. Thursday, however, was not so great. I didn't feel great in the morning, but a cursory stop at Walgreens to purchase a thermometer told me I didn't have a temperature. I got to work at 6:30, and by 8 I felt downright miserable. I had horrible chills and couldn't focus because I had a headache that was morphing into an earache. At that point, I was half way done with my daily work and asked my manager if I could take a half day. By the time I got home at 11:30, my fever was just over 100. So I took some Tylenol and curled up with my puppies, dozing on and off for a few hours. By 7:00 my fever was 102.8. I took a cool shower, fell asleep on the couch until midnight, and then went to bed, waking at 6:30 to text my manager and let her know I wouldn't be in. I took the day to relax with the dogs, hoping I'd feel better by the end of the weekend.

Well, that weekend was spent house sitting, and by Monday I was feeling okay, with only a residual cough. Can't say the cough sounded great, but I was feeling okay, and got back to working out because of it.

You remember that Virtual 5k I mentioned in the last post? Well I've been training for that. Not super hard, but I have a goal in mind, and I've been doing what I have to to make sure I meet it. I worked out 6 days last week (elliptical 3, running and lifting 3). I followed it up this week with a run and weights on Tuesday, and ellipticalling on Wednesday. But Thursday I woke up and I felt much worse than when I went to bed on Wednesday. My cough was definitely worse, and it felt like my head was underwater. So I called the doctor and scooted off to my appointment with him right after work.

I want to preface his diagnosis by saying I had no reason to think what I had was anything other than viral. Everyone around me for the past 1-2 months has (or had) viruses, and at least two of them (coworkers I interact with every day) had long-lingering coughs - that were viral.

Welp, not me. The verdict? Upper respiratory infection. Awesome.

Armed with prescriptions for steroids (ugh), antibiotics, and a cough suppressant, I headed home.

At this point you're probably wonder just what's so bad about all this, apart from being sick for so long at this point.

The answer...people.

No less than a dozen people commented on my health yesterday. I got everything from "you should have gone to the doctor sooner" to "I can't believe you're putting that poison [antibiotics] in your body." I had plenty of people tell me how bad my cough sounded (really? I had no idea. Not like it's been coming out of my mouth or for the last week or anything...), and an equal amount tell me about the last time they went to the doctor, and what their doctor said about X.

Talking to people about what's wrong was (and is) bordering on exhausting. Call me cruel and disinterested, but I don't care what your doctor said to you two months ago about your illness which was completely different from what I have. Because, no matter what I tell them, whatever they decide to respond with ends up sounding like a critique on my actions (is this adulthood?). "You should have gone to the doctor sooner." "Are you sure it's not pneumonia?" "You sound terrible, maybe you should go home."

I mean...I get that people are concerned, but I have now been to the doctor, can tell you what's going on AND what I'm doing about it, and that no, I'm not going to take two weeks of PTO to get over it - that would be ridiculous and unnecessary.

Yesterday I was thinking, 'It's amazing how you can sit at a desk all day punching in letters and numbers and still feel like you've completely exhausted yourself,' but I'm actually wondering if what was so exhausting about Thursday and Friday wasn't the work, but the interactions I had with people. Afterall...all that talking with my wheezing lungs!

I don't want it to seem like I don't appreciate concern, I just think people could make the effort to be a bit more tactful when voicing it. (That said, part of my annoyance is probably due to the steroids I'm taking. I discovered years ago that I actually get roid-rage from Methylprednisolone, which is what I get to take this time around...sorry people who have to interact with me.)

It's also a bit of a bummer because I'm so far into this DietBet, and after those initial 4 days of not being able to do anything, I now have to take it easy. I was getting so into my workout routine too! I have less than one pound to lose at this point (as of yesterday morning, .9lbs left!), so I'm not worried about meeting my goal. The system I've been using has been working really well, and I think I'll nail it. Though I still plan to participate in the 5k tomorrow (and I'd really like to hit my goal for it too!) I'll lay off after that until my lungs feel more normal. So don't think I'm being stupid, please. I realize  I need a little R&R. Go figure, life getting in the way of goals!

Speaking of, since the 5k is tomorrow I'll probably try to throw a post up about that afterwards. And when I do...perhaps I'll share those 2015 running goals with you! I've now told two people about them, so I feel like it's time to really commit!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me, but if I have time to sit down after I'll try to post something.

Until then, check out this adorable Baby Groot (from Guardians of the Galaxy) that I knit for Cam - he didn't know where to put it, but then one day I walked into his room and this is what I saw:

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