Saturday, November 8, 2014

Twenty One Mornings with Yoga.

I've been itching to write a post the last few days, but there have been a few things going on. First, it doesn't seem prudent to write a post at work (I don't think they'd appreciate it!), and every time I sit down to write one, the things I want to write go STRAIGHT out of my head. I swear, if I could blog while driving you'd have posts every twenty seconds.

But, that is not the case. So I'll give you the post I've been considering all week.

So a few days after confirming that I had a concussion I did some research about how soon I could return to running, and the answer across the board was basically, 'Moderate exercise can help concussion recovery IF elevated blood pressure does not cause concussion symptoms [headaches, nausea, vision problems], to re-emerge.'

Running is not moderate exercise - it is considered high impact. So that was immediately out. But even walking for too long, or using my elliptical caused my headache and nausea symptoms to get worse. I've also been having problems with light sensitivity and fatigue. So about two weeks ago I decided to lay off exercising altogether, and focus just on resting and eating well.

And after a week of that I still had head aches. All the time. And elevated blood pressure. But I feel the need to do something, especially because I'm 90% sure the stiffness in my neck is causing some of these headaches. So I (unintentionally) made a November "resolution" to do yoga every morning to see if it will help.

This has kind of morphed into "yoga every morning for three weeks" just because I stumbled across this online program through a yoga website I've been eyeing for about a year. In all, I've done 5 (soon to be 6) mornings of yoga, but have only done 3 (today will be 4) of these classes, simply because I didn't actually start this program until Wednesday. I think it's amusing that I made both a "month long resolution" and had a Monday-start for this. I tend to be annoyed with both resolutions and 'On Monday I'll start doing X' mentalities. But that's just what happened!

So after 5 days, here are my notes:
- I generally feel better in the mornings. I have to get up really early on workdays to do this (4:30ish) but I haven't minded because it's been "easy" sequences. That said, I'm very tired by about 7 or 8. Now, I think that's normal, but I wish I could stay up later.
- My attitude is more optimistic and I'm happier! Despite the chilly, gray weather, I'm more positive than usual.
- My posture is better, and I'm way more aware of it. For example: I sit back when I'm driving and at my desk. I try not to slouch and I pull my shoulders back. I tuck my chin while I'm working. I can feel the muscles in my back and shoulders working, but there will be NO FORWARD HEAD POSTURE for me!!
- My headaches are diminished. Tuesday and Thursday were my "best" days. I had mild headaches mid-morning those days, but not the all-day whoppers I'd been having prior to doing this yoga biz.
- (This has nothing to do with the concussion) My shoulder (left) is still horrendously weak after the surgery I had last year. Yoga has been stretching and strengthening it, and though it has been a bit achey, I can feel an improvement. I'll keep notes on this as days go on!

Also worth noting - I also practiced yoga during two afternoons this week. I'm trying to increase the time I spend moving around (since I sit at a desk all day) but I'm trying to do it in a no-pressure-at-my-own pace kind of way. In addition, I don't want it to feel like an obligation, or like I have to NOT do something else in order to do yoga.

Afterall...Yoga is all about finding balance in your body and your life.

And that is what I shall leave you with! Because now it's time for my morning yoga. Perhaps I should wrap up today by saying... Namaste. ;)

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