Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Swift currents

Today, I am going to compare life to a river.

Mine was moving about at a nice pace, not too slow, and not too fast...and then yesterday happened.

Yesterday was one of those days that suddenly made me feel like, if my life were a river, I would have been picked up by a swift, unsuspected and unseen current and swept along for the ride with very little control.

Of course, there's always some control, but yesterday I kept feeling like there is so little I can do, so many things I'm waiting for, and yet so much that depends on me.

I will admit, a lot of what I'm feeling is definitely down to me. This is what I get for putting myself out there!

That is not to say that things aren't good. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't hesitate to say things are great right now...there just also happens to be some confusion.

Always fun, confusion.

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