Monday, November 10, 2014

Sore all over

Morning yoga did not happen yesterday. In addition to staying up very late on Saturday, the Boyfriend had to drop his brother off at the train station before we headed out to play paintball.

I have never played paintball before. I was terrified at first because when we got to the place there were people in fully camo gear (like straight up boots, cammies, helmets and crazy, intimidating face masks) and scary looking paintball guns. When the first round started (we went to an easy, kind of boring map just because it was the first one called out) I was anxious/excited. My heart was pounding and I could feel it in my throat, I was jumpy...but things kind of settled down after that. Except at the very end when some dude did a last minute surprise push and shot me. I was very surprised when that happened!

Most of the maps were one-hit-and-you're-out kinda things. So if you get shot (and the ball breaks!) you leave the map. I mention the ball breaking because there were probably a dozen that hit me and didn't break - so a dozen times I got hit but wasn't out (awesome!). We did do a few other maps that had respawns for 15 minutes and then the last 5 you were out if you got shot. Those were pretty cool because it was continuous play (kind of like Deathmatch in a video game).

With the first, your team had to find a planted bomb and get it to the other team's base. That one was a lot of fun because we got our bomb pretty quickly and spent the last 15 minutes in a push. I started to really get into it, and at one point our team was stuck trying to sneak up the side of the map because it was difficult to move around the blockades we were hiding behind because you would have to peak out in order to move, so I did what no one else thought to do...I set my gun down on the blockade (it was an old bumper car) and climbed over it. I was able to lead the push up so we could take the whole building to our left (which we kept for the rest of the game), and tagged three opponents out in the process. It was pretty awesome because I totally blindsided them since they literally didn't see me coming!

The second was definitely a team effort with planning involved. It was a Capture the Flag scenario with a neutral flag (both teams are going for the same flag, positioned in the middle of the map). We happened to have a friend who came "just to watch" and didn't bring his gun. When we found out this was the mission someone said, "It'd be great if we had a runner." And I laughed and said, "Well we do know a guy without a gun..."

And the plan was born. A plan to rush the middle of the field, guns blazing, with this friend in the middle of the pack to grab the flag. He got it, and then we ran a clear-and-conquer rush up the side of the map. We were victorious twice - once from each side of the map.

It ended up being a fun-filled 6 hours of fun with the guys (my boyfriend and a few of our guy friends), and when I got home I was tired, hungry, bruised, and shower-worthy. So I took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed.

And this morning when I got up for yoga I felt it. All over. And I've felt it all day long. And I have no doubt I will feel it tomorrow too!

But for now - at 8:30 - I'm ready for bed again...though perhaps with a little knitting first...

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