Friday, November 28, 2014

I promised you pie...

So you shall have pie!

This year for Thanksgiving my cousin requested desserts, so I prepared three apple and black currant pies.

Personally I felt like it was a big deal because I'm not sure I've ever made a whole pie (of any kind) from scratch before. And I always hear about how laborious it I put on my big girl pants and got to it.

Okay, confession. I was totally going to use a pre-made crust. When I make pie (usually not-fruit-pie) that's what I do. Then my mom was all, "Oh, you can use Auntie's recipe, I have it right here!" and I thought, '*grumble*grumble* okay fine I'll make the crust *grumble*grumble*'

So now I'll take you on this journey with me. We'll start with the filling.

My grandma gave me a peeler/corer/slicer a few months ago. This was the first chance I've had to use it! Yahoo! So I PC&S (peeled, cored, and sliced) 26 apples!

I just wanted to give you super detailed pictures of this process.

Almost there!

Yahoooooo it's done! PC&S'd then cut down the middle.

All done! Spices and thickeners added and left to sit for a bit (okay, I happened to need some other stuff for the pie - like currants - so it sat for like 6 hours. When I made the pies I scooped it in with a slotted spoon so all the liquid wouldn't come with).

Next came the crust! The *hard* part, if you will. Though I will say...many of the things people consider *hard* when it comes to baking aren't really hard...they're time consuming. Sure, knowing what pie dough should feel and look like can be considered a challenge. That said, I only know what I do from watching someone else. (And this dough turned out pretty scrumptious...)

As my mom suggested...I used my Auntie's recipe. This recipe is very, very old. And kind of hard to read. And kind of recipe-vague. Here:

So that's 12oz self rising flour, 4oz butter, and (you're reading that right) 2oz of lard. And then just add cold water until it's mixed. ;o
And yes. I used lard:

To find lard...go to an ethnic store.

But I got it made! Keep reading.

Flour and fats blended, time to add the water (and since that's when it got messy, that's when the pictures stopped :P).
***                               ***                               ***

Later that night (after seeing Mockingjay, which was awesome, btw!) I cam home and took care of the rest of the pie making. I actually forgot to take pictures when I first finished the pies - I had a guest over, so there's my excuse. This ended up not mattering (to me, anyways) because I made the pies on Sunday and didn't need them until Thursday, so I froze them immediately after assembling them. And that is where the story continues!

This is what I pulled out of the freezer. A nicely wrapped, frozen pie. It thawed in the refrigerator overnight, and when I was ready I took it out and preheated the oven to 375.

Ta-da! Here's what I'd done! Rather than mess around with a traditional top crust (and the dreaded fear of cracks!) I cut out some leaves and a turkey and slapped them on top. Very festive, I think.

This was after adding the egg/milk wash. I used an egg yolk and about a tablespoon of milk whisked together and brushed on. Then I sprinkled some sanding sugar on to give it a bit of shimmer.
Crust wrapped up and ready to go in the oven!

I baked this bad boy for 50 minutes - the first 30 with the foil on (rotating 180 degrees after 15 minutes), took the foil off for the last 20 minutes (and turned again after 10 minutes so things browned evenly).

Admittedly, the pie was difficult to slice. But it looked pretty and everyone got little pie-crust leaves so who cares ;)

It was very, very good.

Now if only I can find the picture of the finished product....

Hmm. I'll have to look for it and post it later (seriously, I'm so bad at this pictures thing!).

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