Monday, November 17, 2014

Giving up!

I remembered what I wanted to post! And you'll probably laugh when you realize why.

Okay, so it may not be as great as I made it sound, but it's still something that is personally important, so here goes!

So Cam has this bad habit that I wish he didn't have. It's his bad habit to own, so I'm not going to say what it is, but it's definitely something I want him to give up. It came up kind of comically on Friday, and I told him he needed to enjoy it this weekend, because come Monday (today) that was it - he's done.

He pouted a bit, negotiated a bit, and finally said, "Well then you should give up drinking Diet Coke! That stuff will give you cancer."

Now, I felt like we were debating apples and oranges (not that Diet Coke is good for you or anything), scoffed, and said no. His habit is way worse.

But later on I started thinking...relationships are all about compromise (or so they say). And I decided that he's right. If I really want to him to give up his bad habit...perhaps I should be willing to give something (like a bad habit) up too.

That said - I love my Diet Coke. And caffeine in general.

I used to drink multiple coffees and at least 2 Diet Cokes a day, followed up with a red Monster every other day (damn friends, staying up so late). But ever since I got the concussion I've really cut down on my caffeine intake - ONE 16 oz half-caf coffee in the morning, and a Diet Coke at lunch...and I really look forward to that pop at lunch! It provides my afternoon caffeine boost so I can coast to the end of the work day without such a harsh mid-afternoon slump. (I bet now you're realizing why I wanted to post about this...that's right, I'm bemoaning the loss of my lunch time Diet Coke.)

But I told him I would give it up, so today starts Diet Coke-less days. And I have to admit, lunch is in an hour and I'm not super excited about the prospect of facing it without a cold shot of caffeine as well. I have a La Croix to make up for the missing carbonation, and will have some (ever so slightly caffeinated) green tea when I get back to my desk, but I think I'm really going to miss that Diet Coke.

But I suppose I love my boyfriend more than Diet Coke so I'll do it...*grumble*

To go along with this, yesterday we also discussed joining a gym so we can work out together (plus a friend or two, we hope). I've been feeling so much better doing yoga in the morning, and my headaches have almost completely subsided so I'm excited about this. Cam and I met doing martial arts (I stopped because of injury, him because of school), and both of us miss the shape we used to be in and the activity level we maintained, so tomorrow we're scoping out a gym near his house that has everything we think we'll need, and hopefully we'll be signing up!

How adorable, right?

I know.

We're that couple ;)

Also...I'm not sure why, but my page views seem to have jumped (like, a lot) overnight! This excites me...but I also want to know who's reading! Feel free to leave a comment with your name, if you like the blog so far, and how you found me. I'm really quite, quite curious!

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