Thursday, November 20, 2014

Charitable Baking.

You know how I said I'm happier in the mornings? Well, the last few days on my drive to work I've being singing in the car. 


So out of character! But I secretly kind of love it.

Now to completely segue away from my early morning chipperness, it's time for me to admit...I am awful about taking pictures. Especially when I'm baking.

This is only important because last night I thought it would be a great idea to blog about what I was baking...and I all but forgot to take pictures.

It's probably because I'm a "marathon" baker and I know I have a lot to do without a ton of time to do it in, so stopping to take pictures never crosses my mind. I need to get better about it.

For example, last night I made some cookies for a bake sale at work today (to benefit the Children's Adovcacy Center) and I definitely meant to take pictures during the process and completely forgot. So here's what I have (and it's not much, please pardon the terrible lighting):

This was the dough for what I'm calling my "painted" Pumpkin Spice cookies. I wanted it to be fall colors, and so I dyed one quarter of the dough each of the following: maroon/red, orange, brown, and green. Then I separated each quarter into eighths before smushing them together to refrigerate. 
And ta-da! This is how the "painted" cookies turned out. They're sugar cookies with some pumpkin pie spice added, topped with sanding sugar before baking. Nothing crazy, but they tasted great!
Another picture of the painted cookies. I think the fall-color theme I was going for turned out pretty nice!

Another terrible picture, taken at my desk (just now). I made gingersnaps too!
Now I WISH I had a better picture than that, but these gingersnaps are delicious. Everything about them is wonderful. The dough is delicious (yes, I eat raw cookie dough and I don't care what you think!) the cookies are good straight out of the oven, or the next day when they truly live up to the name gingerSNAP.

I was smart enough to scan the recipe last night before I went to bed, and I have it for you now! Just one note - my mom specifically asked if I made them with margarine, and when I said no she said they probably wouldn't turn out right. Well, she was right. They turned out better (her words, not mine!). So here is Mrs Westergren's Ginger Snap recipe - the only recipe I have ever made, because why mess around with the good things that are just handed to you?

So that's that! Some charity baking, rolled in and sprinkled with sugar. And tonight I look forward to eating the few oddments I saved :)


  1. Those painted cookies are so gorgeous--perfect for fall, and for a good cause to boot!

  2. Thank you!! I *sooo* wish
    I had taken a better picture because they looked quite festive in a very subtle