Monday, September 15, 2014

This is just a post to say that I see I've gotten a few hits, and don't worry I'm working on posts! I have a few things lined up...some baking competition stuff, and a few knitting/crocheting posts. If you're lucky and I remember to take enough pictures, there might even be a tutorial on how to knit glittens!

Other than that, I've been super busy the past week and weekend. Today starts a week long charity event sponsored by the company I work for, and I'm involved in so much! The kickoff is today, so I'll be away from my desk for about three hours - and tomorrow there's a bake sale/cake contest that will have me away for another 3 or so hours. So to avoid having a pile up of work and needing to stay late, I spent Thursday and Friday with my nose to the grindstone to get some extra work for today out of the way. Good news is - it worked! I just have to show up for things the next few days.

So for a rundown: Today (Monday) is the kickoff, tomorrow is the bake sale, Wednesday there's an Artisan expo that I've submitted something for (post later) then a 5k (after work). Lastly is the Silent Auction on Thursday, which I have two certificates for commissioned items in (cookies and a knit project). My one hope with this stuff (especially the sales and auction) is that people are generous and that my efforts help raise some money. Part of me is irked and stressed out about the auction and expo, but all of that is out of my hands now, so I'm just going to flow with whatever happens. But I'll feel busy until all of it is done!

Yesterday was almost 10 hours of baking to prepare for the sale and contest tomorrow, today will be 4 or so hours of decorating. Pictures and posts about all of it to come so stay tuned!

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