Sunday, September 7, 2014

I have been very carefully considering starting up here again. If anyone even follows this anymore...

Let me explain.

I always liked blogging and sharing, but I disliked the enormous commitment of time it always ended up being. I always thought blogging was just typing something out and/or popping in a few photos, and I'm sure there are some people who do it that way and are content. Or just talking about daily ongoings and ranting about things that annoyed a person. I tried those things, and they caused problems for me. It was at a rather boring time in my life. I went to school, I went to work. I wasn't involved in much else. But a lot of things bothered me, and in the end I disliked feeling stalked and "tattled" on by people I thought cared about me.

So if I pick back up here, things will take on a different kind of tone. Turns out, I'm actually involved in some pretty cool stuff now. I have some pretty fun (and productive!) hobbies. With a new job, at a fantastic company that has a growing focus on its community and employee involvement therein, and with a fantastic, supportive boyfriend who likes to do fun and active things, I feel like I finally have things to share!

But there's a catch. I'm busy. Super, super busy. So busy, that learning to say "no" has become a very real, very difficult lesson that I'm trying to teach myself. I hate letting people down. I hate feeling like people are counting on me for something, and then by saying "no" they've lost their faith in my sincerity. But I've had to start picking my priorities, and sometimes I really just need to come home and hold a hamster who hasn't been out of his cage in three days. Sometimes, that has to be the priority.

So what can you expect? Perhaps one post a week. Baked goods, bike rides, and yarn crafts (and pictures thereof). Maybe a picture or two of some super adorable animal doing something even more superbly adorable. With a burgeoning "side business" that involves tons of commissioned baked goods, and certificates for such things, I've realized I need to serious consider investing in a better camera. Until then, with any luck, I'll figure out how to better use my brother's.

But for now, you get this, and knowledge of the thoughtful consideration I'm giving this undertaking.

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